2 cops injured at DWI stop when suspected drunk driver careens toward them

2 Houston police officers serving on a DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED task force were knocked away a freeway and fell almost 20 feet early Friday early morning when a suspected drunk driver apparently struck a stopped vehicle and careened towards the cops.

The officials, who werent immediately identified, didnt suffer serious injuries, KTRK reported. Investigators said the 25-year-old female driver smelled of alcoholic beverages and authorities were investigating the particular incident as a DWI.

Officials said medical personnel screamed a warning to the officials as the car drove towards all of them. One of the officers fell from the highway ledge, while the other officer hopped out of the way and also went over the corner. He clung to the side before ultimately letting go and plunging towards the ground, KTRK reported.

You’ve got essentially the 3, 000, 4, 000, ten, 000-pound weapon coming straight from these officers, HPD Sgt. Jones Fendia told The Houston Chronicle . There’s absolutely nothing they can doit’s the scary situation. It really is.

Both cops arrived on their backs in a grassy region 16 feet below the highway. Neither officer suffered any damaged bones in the fall.