200 Died in North Korea Nuclear Test Site Accident: Reports

About 200 people may have passed away when tunnels collapsed at a Northern Korean nuclear test site within October, TV Asahi reported, citing unidentified people familiar with North Korean matters.

Kim Jong Un’ s regime detonated an subterranean nuclear device close to the Punggye-ri site in northeast Northern Korea on Sept. 3, triggering an earthquake with a magnitude of approximately 6. 3 that was felt because far away as China. About a hundred people got caught in a flattened tunnel around Oct. 10, as the others were trapped in a additional collapse during a rescue attempt, TELEVISION Asahi said.

China cautioned North Korea on Sept. twenty that further nuclear tests can blow the top off a hill and spark a potential catastrophic ­ collapse at the site, the Southern China Morning Post documented Oct. 28. Scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Geology and Geophysics briefed a North Korean abordnung in ­ Beijing about the danger, the paper said, citing mature Chinese geologist Zhai Mingguo.

A Chinese man of science has also expressed concern that radioactive waste could bleed from breaks or holes at the site and become blown across the border into The far east, the SCMP reported.

2 days after the briefing in Beijing, Northern Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho announced at the United Nations in Ny that Pyongyang might consider detonating a “ most powerful” hydrogen bomb over the Pacific Ocean .