24 Photos That Capture The Magic Of Dogs Finding Their Forever Homes

There’ s no greater like than the love between a rescue dog   and the human who was fortunate enough to adopt him or her.

Below, 24 absurdly adorable photos of dogs uncovering bliss with their new moms and dads.  

  • 1
    Hallie Noble
    “This is Stitch! We followed him from Paws In The City   in Dallas, and he provides quickly become the best part of our little loved ones. ” —  Hallie Rspectable,   Stitch’s mom (Follow Stitch upon Instagram )

  • two
    “Here’s Dusty on his ownership day! This photo was used the actual MOMENT I met your pet. Can you believe that!? When he has been rescued by True North Rescue Objective , he was on his method to be a puppy mill dad plus live his entire life in a parrot cage. ” —  Jessie Ruane, Dusty’s mom (Follow him on Instagram )

  • several
    Rossanne Van Schalkwyk
    “Meet our beautiful boy, Benjamin (he’s the one to the right). He is per year old. He is a pitbull combined with a labrador.   We preserved him about  seven months back. He was badly abused as being a baby and would wet themselves for no reason. Now he is a happy, playful, loveable darling. He’s enjoying his life together with his two pupper siblings! ” — Rossanne Van Schalkwyk, Benjamin’s mom

  • 4
    Ruben Sechrist
    “Here’s our canine, Penny. This is the moment in the elevator at Bideawee’s adoption center   in New York  when we understood we had found the perfect little girl. inch — John Sechrist, Penny’s dad (Follow Penny on Instagram )

  • 5
    Laura Alexander
    “Henrietta (Henry) arrived to my life in January of this season, after she was found roaming on the streets in East Oakland. At first she was very anxious — she hid in the restroom for the first week! She’s nevertheless shy around strangers, but now the lady loves cuddles, chasing squirrels, obtaining blow dried after baths, plus her toy fox. ” — Laura Alexander, Henry’s mom 

  • 6
    Photo courtesy of Sarah Brownish Carter
    “Roxy is full of one’s and love and brings us a lot of laughs. We’ve also met the majority of our friends through her! The girl keeps us social. “- Sarah Brown Carter, Roxy’s mom (Follow Roxy on Instagram )

  • 7
    Heidi Bahauddin
    “This is Rex. Their previous owners told the save group they did not have the way to take care of him. He had trauma in order to his neck we think was from the shock collar, and more around their belly where we think he had already been pulling out his fur. The group cautioned us he was afraid of other people and very shy, and that we should anticipate several weeks before he warmed in order to us. But by the time we had completed the paperwork, he was pleased to leave with us. I don’t know what. He really is standoffish to other people, but he attached himself to a wife, son and I immediately. Novice almost two months now. He is almost all healed up, and still likes to cool upside down. ” — Dan, Rex’s dad

  • 6
    Josh Patrick
    “Meet Fluke, a former rescue that was adopted simply by our family in November 2017! inch — Josh Tanker, Fluke’s dad 

  • 9
    Alina Cote
    “We have had Zelda for just under one month. We visited a rescue event by Ruff Home Rescue in Ny, where we live, with the purpose of just beginning to look at several dogs for adoption, thinking it might be a long process overall. Zelda was not as loud or playful whenever we first saw her in the girl crate, but as soon as we requested to take her for a walk, the lady opened up immediately, wagging her end and licking our faces. The particular ‘before’ picture is what we have through when she was brought to the particular shelter. The ‘after’ photo has been taken on the car ride returning to her new home from the recovery adoption event. ” —   Alina Cote, Zelda’s mother

  • 10
    Kelsi Keys
    “Adopting Dax is one of the best choices I have ever made. He has been right now there through all of the ups and downs of my entire life. He is the best adventure partner plus cuddle buddy. I keep your pet safe and he keeps me outrageous. ” —  Kelsi Keys, Dax’s mom 

  • eleven
    “This is Dandelion the  dog! We adopted the girl at the Oregon Humane Society   through their second chance plan. Dandelion was transferred to the Gentle Society from an overcrowded refuge in California. ” — Ú na  Rose , Dandelion’s mother

  • 12
    Kasey Blauwkamp
    “This is Cora. We followed her through the BISSELL Pet Foundation actually t in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She came there by means of Close friends of Detroit Animal Care plus Control. We don’ t know much about the girl exact background except she’ ersus had a litter or two. She gets a playful, sweet energy. The fiancé, her  dog  and 3 cats, myself, and Cora are settling in quite well! ” —  Kasey Blauwkamp, Cora’s father

  • 13
    “This is Dex. He or she was found abandoned on the roads. The vet believed he had eliminated half his life untreated from  demodectic mange and a heart murmur. All the credit goes to Pug Rescue Austin tx and those who given to his cause for switching his life around. He is most likely just over a year old, and is completely cured and happy in our house with our four other pug protects. ”  —  Mark Shockley

  • 14
    Kristin Cooper
    “This is Terabyte (Tera regarding short) and our youngest kid. Tera is a cattle dog, discovered dumped in a field. She’ h super smart, sweet, snuggly, as well as happens to be deaf. I took this particular photo right after we had signed the particular adoption papers and picked the girl up from her foster loved ones. ” — Kristin Cooper , Tera’s mom

  • 15
    Julie Thomson and the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home
    “This is  Kai, who was introduced into  the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home   when his owners can no longer cope with his care – he had reportedly been passed from your own home to home and had never identified a stable, loving forever home. Kai was admitted to us upon April 4 and was simply taken home to his permanently home last weekend. The photograph on the left was when he or she was with us and the photo around the right was sent to us simply by his new owners, an hour right after being re-homed. ” —  Julie Thomson, communications manager in the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home

  • sixteen
    Hannah Evans
    “This is usually Hazel, a Husky-Alsatian living in Oakland. My family is  quite obsessed with the girl! ” — Hannah Evans, Hazel’s aunt (Follow Hazel on Instagram )

  • 17
    Jenna Gunselman
    “The first time we took  Oliver on a car ride, this individual was shaking and crying (we assume because the only time he previously ever been in a car before has been to take him to the shelter). Today he loves car rides as they knows he’s going to get to see a new buddy or go play somewhere! inch —  Jenna Gunselman, Oliver’s mom 

  • 18
    Christina Haberkern
    “This is Marty. We all went to the shelter looking for a canine as a companion for our handicapped labrador retriever, Zoe. We met a few young puppies who were too high energy and difficult for her condition so we left, sensation defeated. As we were walking away, Zoe dragged us over to Marty’s pen. Both their noses handled, tails wagging, and we knew that they had to meet. They were instantly as relieve around each other and Marty had been even careful around her, nearly aware that she needed work. He was a perfect fit for our household. ” —  Christina Haberkern, Marty’s mom (Follow Marty and Zoe on Instagram )

  • 19
    Martha Gutierrez
    “My dog Suki on adoption day time and nine years later. I really like that Suki has been a major assistance for me, especially for my mood problems. Suki has been with me since junior year of high school, all through university, and now my adult life. Regardless of what, she always provides the best hugs I could have ever asked for. inch – –  Martha Gutierrez, Suki’s mom

  • 20
    Candice Shearman
    “This is Kodak! He’ s a four-month aged black lab/shepherd mix. He found LIVELY Rescue Memphis from Animal Recovery Corps . They had saved your pet from a hoarding case in Tn. I saw his picture and immediately fell in love! He appears just like my 14 year old lab/mix named Ocho did when the lady was a puppy. ” — Candice Shearman, Kodak’s mother (Follow Kodak and his  siblings  upon Instagram )

  • twenty one
    Bethany Mitchell
    “Otis will be my best friend. He’s a furry glenohumeral joint to cry on and he can be my reason to smile once again. When  I first saw their little face a year ago, I understood he was the one for me and it also was the best decision I available. ” — Bethany Mitchell, Otis’ mom (Follow Otis upon Instagram )

  • twenty two
    Nicci See
    “Meet our dogson, Wicket the Ewok canine! ” — Nicci See, Wicket’s mom (Follow Wicket upon Instagram )

  • twenty three
    Krystal K
    “This is definitely Bella. The photo on the remaining was taken as soon as we have got to the shelter. She was a clutter: coat matted and long, the girl couldn’t even see, but all of us fell in love!   We-took her home, cleaned her upward, and now she’s a healthy, happy puppy dog. I love her little smile and exactly how her tongue always sticks out associated with her mouth! ” —   Krystal K., Bella’s mother

  • 24
    Brandon Engen
    “My wife Jen and I preserved Benny from  CareTX   in San Antonio, Texas. They saved your pet from a kill shelter in San Antonio. He and his litter had been found on the street. Benny was timid and suffering from mange when we very first met but those goofy ear and sweet eyes won all of us over. He is some mix of cows dog, very active and has simply no trouble keeping up with me for hours upon my mountain bike. We are quite a active hiker, camper, fly angler family so having an active canine fits our lifestyle, despite the insufficient cattle. ” —  Brandon Engen, Benny’s dad