93-Year-Old Woman Spends 2 Nights In Jail After Eviction From Senior Housing

Florida authorities released an seniors woman from jail on Thurs after police arrested her regarding allegedly not paying rent on the senior housing community where the lady had lived since 2011.

Juanita Fitzgerald spent her 94th birthday celebration on Friday in a motel space, The particular Orlando Sentinel reports.   The day before, she had been launched from Florida’ s Lake Region Jail, which is where police required her after she was evicted from her home at the National Cathedral Residences’ Franklin House in Eustis. The facility falsely accused her of refusing to keep.

Clad in an orange jumpsuit, Fitzgerald informed WFTV reporters earlier this week   that she did not discover why she was being evicted.

Bodycam video from the arrest showed her shouting and sliding to the ground within an apparent attempt to avoid being removed. A police report obtained by The Arkansas Herald   noted that will Fitzgerald had told officers, “ Unless you carry me out of right here, I’ m not going anyplace. ”

Franklin House spokeswoman Karen Twinem told the Sentinel that will Fitzgerald was evicted “ depending on her refusal to pay rent”   and that the complex had been seeking to work with Fitzgerald “ for months” to “ get her in order to agree to get more help so the lady could live in a situation that was more desirable. ”

Fitzgerald countered that the girl had previously attempted to pay lease that the facility rejected, though Twinem has said Fitzgerald only presented the partial rent payment.

While some head lines described Fitzgerald as being “ handcuffed, ” the police report stated that will she was transported to prison without handcuffs because of her age group. However , on Friday the senior showed the Sentinel bruises plus scratches on her ankles that the girl said were from prison leaf spring shackles. A jail spokeswoman told the website that it was typical for inmates to put on restraints, but could not confirm everything specifically about Fitzgerald’ s situation.

Fitzgerald was released from jail on her behalf own recognizance on Thursday. Ever since then, she’ s been meeting with the particular Middle of the Florida Homeless Coalition to find permanent housing.