‘A Better Deal’ is more of the same from Dems

(CNN) Democrats would like voters to believe the party’s slogan for its new economic plan rolled out Monday, “A Much better Deal, ” describes a program targeted at fighting for regular people — though it mostly rings like a sales pitch to get a discounted item at a shopping mall. Even worse, the specifics of the strategy really are a path to more electoral failure, mainly because “A Better Deal” embraces falsehoods about economic power while leaving behind a bankrupt system unchallenged.

Immediately after the presidential election, I argued that the crisis facing Democrats, that was at least a decade of electoral deficits in the making, boiled down to a failing to show voters any clear variations between the parties when it comes to propping upward a failed economic system. As it at this point stands, it’s a system in which lobbyists shower both parties with money, taxes cuts for business and maintaining taxes too low on the wealthy really are a bipartisan goal, health care is still some thing to leave in the hands associated with insurance companies and, above all, the beauty of the “free market” is extolled by Democrats and Republicans.
Until Democrats screen the strength to reject the device, they’ll continue to lose, and “A Better Deal” is just more of the exact same.

The stupefying mischief of the plan is evident within three main points from Monday’s h describe offered in op-eds simply by Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer and three Democratic House people in which they purport to give the wide strokes of the party’s economic technique.
Schumer specifically says the party can fight to increase “workers’ incomes simply by lifting the minimum wage in order to $15. ” He and the Home Democrats also talk a lot about re-training workers to give them skills to obtain higher-paying jobs. Most of the rest of the mumbo-jumbo is the typical warmed-over “innovation” plus “don’t we all love small business” regular fare that excites elite plan wonks but is largely irrelevant in order to voters.

Perhaps the most glaring omission the following is that none of these party frontrunners use the word “union” even as soon as. That isn’t entirely surprising: The typical celebration ethos going back to Bill Clinton has been to minimize the embrace associated with labor unions, beyond the occasional rhetorical gesture, except when it’s election period (read: when the party needs contributions and campaign troops).
But the ” Fight for 15 ” has been primarily funded by unions, some of whom honestly were dragged into the battle simply by other affiliated organizations who were lower than inspired by the Obama administration’s plus congressional Democrats’ support for a modest minimum wage hike to 10 dollars. 10. To the consternation of the Wall structure Street wing of the party, the particular Bernie Sanders movement made $15-an-hour a central part of its financial message, and forced $15-an-hour being a goal, into the party’s 2016 system.
And if raising wages and conserving pensions is what Democrats want, they’ll not get it without growing the power associated with unions. Unions built the middle course. Wages are low because, in the last several decades, employers have efficiently stolen the productivity gains manufactured by workers and only by revitalizing unions, publicly, aggressively and explicitly, will certainly that change.
Schumer and the House Democrats exponentially boosted this problem Monday by perpetuating the particular myth that workers need a lot more skills to get “high-paying” jobs which politicians can ensure they obtain those skills by, you suspected it, that sure-fire election champion: giving a tax credit in order to companies. This has been an untenable proposition going back to the 1990s, whenever then-Labor Secretary Robert Reich flogged his elitist “symbolic analysts” solution, in which workers can most of find a place in the creative plus knowledge economies, which supposedly repair everything.
Reality is more difficult. Skills have absolutely nothing to do with the class warfare underway in the country. Workers are not dumb. It’s actual simple: There is no reason a store worker, janitor or any worker whom isn’t “highly skilled” can’t be compensated a high wage, other than the lack of capacity to demand it through collective bargaining.
Even so, today’s Democrats, with the “A Better Deal” slogan, have the temerity to channel Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s “New Deal” by explicitly proclaiming, as Schumer does in his op-ed, “Our better deal is not regarding expanding the government. ” Shame to them. That position betrays a continuing acceptance by Democrats of a decadeslong Republican talking point that demonizes government, adopts the idea that taxes are very high and puts blind belief in the “free market. ”
Our issue has not been a growing government or a investing problem. It’s the priorities political commanders have set and how we increase money. And it’s a continued perception in “free market” neo-liberalism: a method that relies on market mechanisms, states against expanding the role from the state and social services, plus empowers corporations and wealthy people at the expense of citizens.
To take the current plan debate around health care as the ideal example, a large majority of people assistance universal, single-payer health care, which would involve expanding government’s role. Yet, Schumer is trying to short-circuit universal healthcare as a party priority, even though it might end up saving businesses and typical people hundreds of billions of dollars.

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The ideological straitjacket “A Better Deal” creates will go deeper than a neglect of history or even a refusal to empower citizens. That is a failure of political philosophy plus imagination. Its advocates say they would like to protect the promise of Interpersonal Security and Medicare. But adopting a growing government would expand Interpersonal Security and Medicare, and, after that, also fund free college schooling, and guaranteed annual incomes as well as a livable pension. We could fund several of that if, for example , we just throw off (a quarter-century after the Cool War ended) the government’s bipartisan priority to underwrite a fat military and maintain the country’s dominance as the largest weapons merchant on earth, arming repressive regimes like Saudi Arabia .
Of course , to carry out any of these things requires a political backbone, and leaders who finally acknowledge that the “free market” system can not be fixed. Until the Democrats get this information, they might as well have a slogan nearer to “Better Hygiene, Better Grammar, Much better Front Lawns. ” At least it’s not going to mislead.