A Conspiracy Theory About A Stoneman Douglas Student Reaches No. 1 On YouTube

A video peddling a conspiracy concept that Stoneman Douglas High School college student David Hogg is an actor arrived at No . 1 on YouTube’ t trending page Wednesday morning prior to the company ultimately removed it.

It itself was real ― the reuploaded version of a 2017 news cut by CBS Los Angeles   in which one of Hogg’ s close friends gets into a verbal altercation using a lifeguard, which Hogg recorded and published at the time. The reuploaded video also used the same name as the CBS affiliate: “ Conflict Between Lifeguard, Bodysurfer Caught Upon Camera In Redondo Beach Will go Viral. ”

A video recommending David Hogg is a paid professional reached No . 1 on YouTube’s trending page on Wednesday.

The difference came in the new video’ s i9000 description, where the uploader, who discovered himself as “ mike m” wrote, “ DAVID HOGG THE PARTICULAR ACTOR…. ”  

Hogg,   17, has become the focus of a expanding number of conspiracy theories   according to his media appearances following panic anxiety attack at his Parkland, Florida, college that left 17 dead a week ago. He is among a number of Stoneman Douglas  students calling   for the government to act upon gun control.

Some of the theories encircling the student are a result of Hogg saying his father was a good FBI agent; some began since people believe he and others happen to be coached by gun control promoters; and some are a result of people thinking the students are paid “ crisis actors. ”

It’ t the last of the three that the well-known YouTube video played into,   evidently to the delight of many of the video’ s commenters.  


This is, naturally , bogus.   Hogg’ s standing as a Stoneman Douglas student   has been confirmed.   At the time of it, he was visiting California, exactly where their family used to live , he admits that.

YouTube eventually removed the video, however, not before it had been viewed more than two hundred, 000 times and reached Number 1 on the company’ s well-known page, where the most popular videos any kind of time moment are on view.

The company stated in a statement that its program “ misclassified”   the video since it “ contained footage from a good authoritative news source. ”

“ This video should never have made an appearance in Trending, ” a Youtube . com spokesperson told HuffPost.


“ paul m, ” the YouTube consumer who uploaded the video, has a penchant for conspiracy theories, based on their video page. Of the 10 video clips he has uploaded, three have to do along with Stoneman Douglas, including “ Brian Hogg Can’ t Remember Their Lines When Interviewed for Lakewood ranch school shooting. ” Another video clip is titled “ BREAKING Disclosure! First Govt NASA Close up UFO Video! They ARE HERE!!! ” Other people focused on chemtrails, a conspiracy concept favorite of InfoWars creator Alex Jones.  


“ As soon as all of us became aware of the video, we eliminated it from Trending and through YouTube for violating our procedures, ” the YouTube spokesperson verified. “ We are working to improve the systems moving forward. ”

YouTube states it has been working hard to clear its web site of such videos. Late a year ago,   CEO Susan Wojcicki introduced the company planned to bring the number of “ people throughout Google working to address content that may violate our policies to over ten, 000 in 2018 . ”

But the system clearly still offers cracks that YouTube is having trouble filling. At publication time, the very best three search results for “ Brian Hogg” on the video sharing web site weren’ t related to the college student speaking up to combat mass shootings. They dealt in Hogg-related conspiracy theory theories.

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