Amazon Says It Has Fixed Randomly Laughing Alexa Speakers

Is Alexa laughing at a person?

In the past few days, some users associated with Echo home speakers running Amazon . com. com Inc. ’ s Alexa voice-based digital assistant have documented hearing strange laughing noises randomly. Some people have said the fun happened in response to unrelated commands, while some reported that it occurred unprompted.

Amazon . com confirmed on Wednesday that within rare circumstances, the voice associate can mistakenly hear the term “ Alexa, laugh, ” which usually under its normal programming would certainly trigger it to chuckle. Simply by late in the day, the company mentioned it had deployed a software revise to the speaker that fixed the issue.

“ We are altering that phrase to be ‘ Alexa, can you laugh? ’ which is more unlikely to have false positives, and we are usually disabling the short utterance ‘ Alexa, laugh, ’ ” the spokeswoman said in a statement. The business is also changing the assistant’ h response to the prompt from basically laughter to “ Sure, I could laugh, ” followed by laughter, Amazon . com said.

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