Americans paying more in taxes than for food, clothing

Americans spent more money upon taxes than they did upon food and clothing last year, according to information released earlier this week.

In an evaluation of “ Consumer Expenditures” to get 2016, the Bureau of Labor Stats showed the average expenses for federal, state and nearby taxes was  $10, 489.  

In contrast, Americans spent $9, 006 upon food and clothes, with most of that will going toward food.

CNSNews. com   initial pointed out the findings. While it might not come as a surprise that United states households are shelling out to The government, the data showed that bill offers risen sharply in recent years — the typical tax bill rose 41 percent general since 2013.  

According to the BLS, federal government income taxes rose from $5, 743 to $8, 367 in that time period. State and local income taxes flower from $1, 629 to $2, 046.

The stats come as Chief executive Trump prepares to pressure Our elected representatives to pass tax reform. In a Missouri speech on Wednesday, he required simplifying the system and lowering prices.  

“This enormous complexity is very unjust, ” the president said. “It disadvantages ordinary Americans who don’ t have an army of accountants while benefiting deep-pocketed special passions. ”

According to BLS, the largest expense intended for Americans in 2016 was upon “ housing, ” costing a typical consumer unit $18, 886 in the past year.

Brooke Singman is a Politics Media reporter for Fox News. Follow the girl on Twitter at @brookefoxnews .