Anti-harassment group ‘Time’s Up’ launched by Hollywood insiders to support victims

Over 300 members of the entertainment company, including Hollywood elites Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston, signed the “ letter of solidarity” Mon launching a coalition working to fight harassment in the workplace “across all sectors. ”

Per their website , the effort called “ Time’ s Up” was designed to lend support in order to victims, bring about legislative change and also to raise legal funds “ to assist survivors of sexual assault plus harassment across all industries problem those responsible for the harm towards them and give voice to their encounters. ”

“ From movie sets in order to farm fields to boardrooms as well, we envision nationwide leadership that will reflects the world in which we reside, ” the website said.

“ We stay committed to holding our own workplaces responsible, pushing for swift and efficient change to make the entertainment industry the safe and equitable place for everybody, and telling women’ s tales through our eyes and sounds with the goal of shifting the society’ s perception and remedying of women, ” according to the letter.


The group reportedly was spurred upon by the recently revealed allegations associated with sexual assault and harassment rocking the entertainment business, including disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. Adopting the revelations, the women said they obtained a “ powerful and caring message” of unity from the Nationwide Farmworker Women’ s Alliance, who seem to shared their own experiences of nuisance.

“ To the members of Alianza plus farmworker women across the country, we help you, we thank you, and we acknowledge the particular heavy weight of our common connection with being preyed upon, harassed, plus exploited by those who abuse their particular power and threaten our actual and economic security, ” the particular letter from “ Time’ h Up” read.

Since the launch Monday early morning, several other entertainers have donated plus shared their support.

Mr. bieber Timberlake tweeted, “ No more taking sexual harassment and inequality at the office as normal. It’ s NOT REALLY normal. #TIMESUP”


Celebrity Megan Mullally, known for her personality Karen on “ Will & Grace, ” tweeted in oneness, adding, “ it’ s only the beginning. ”

“ i stand with women all over the place to say #TIMESUP, ” she published. “ the @TIMESUPNW Legal Protection Fund provides subsidized legal assistance to those who have experienced sexual nuisance, abuse, or assault in the workplace. it’ s just the beginning. sign the solidarity letter now! ”

Actress Viola Davis tweeted, “ I stand along with women across every industry to state #TIMESUP on abuse, harassment, marginalization and underrepresentation. ”

And, actress The united states Ferrera shared her “ huge gratitude” to the members of the Nationwide Farmworker Women’ s Alliance “ & the 700, 000 woman farmworkers they represent for their wonderful letter of solidarity with our market. We thank you. We stand together with you #TIMESUP for every industry! ”

Time’s Upward also has backed the movement for girls to wear black, in solidarity along with those who have been sexually harassed, on Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards wedding ceremony.

The Associated Press contributed for this report.