Apples New Spaceship Campus Has One Flaw and It Hurts

The centerpiece of Apple Incorporation. ’ s new headquarters is really a massive, ring-shaped  office overflowing  along with panes of glass,   the testament to the company’ s famous design-obsessed aesthetic.  

There’ t been one hiccup since it opened up last year: Apple employees keep smacking into the glass.

Surrounding the building, located  in  Cupertino, California,   are usually 45-foot tall curved panels associated with safety glass. Inside are function spaces, dubbed “ pods, ” also made with a lot  associated with glass. Apple staff are often adhered to the  iPhones  they assisted popularize. That’ s resulted in recurring cases of distracted employees strolling into the  panes, according to individuals familiar with the incidents.  

Some staff started to stay Post-It notes on the glass doors  to mark their presence. Nevertheless , the notes were removed simply because they detracted from the building’ s style, the  people said. They requested not to be identified discussing everything related to Apple. Another person familiar with the problem said there are other markings to identify  the glass.  

Apple’ ersus latest campus has been  famous as an architectural marvel. The building, crafted  by famed architect Norman Create, immortalized a vision that Apple company co-founder Steve Jobs had many years earlier. In 2011, Jobs reportedly explained the building “ a little like a spaceship landed. ” Jobs has been  credited for coming up with the cup pods, designed to mix  solo  workplace areas with more social spaces.  

Apple campus in Cupertino.
Photographer: Jim Wilson/New You are able to Times via Redux

The  building is made to house some 13, 000 workers. Wired magazine, first to pay a trip at its opening last year, described   the structure  as a “ declaration of openness, of free movement, ” in contrast  to Apple’ h typically insular culture.   “ While it is a technical marvel to produce glass at this scale, that’ t not the achievement, ” Jony  Ive, Apple’ s design key, told the magazine in May.   “ The achievement is to create a building where so many people can link and collaborate and walk plus talk. ”

A f spokeswoman declined to comment. It’ s not clear how many incidents there were. A Silicon Valley-based spokeswoman for your Occupational Safety and Health Management referred questions about Apple’ t workplace safety record to the authorities agency’ s website. A search on the website based on  Apple’ s name  in California found no reviews of injuries at the company’ s i9000 new campus.  

It’ s not the first time Apple’ s penchant for glass within buildings has caused problems. At the end of 2011, 83-year-old Evelyn Paswall wandered into the glass wall of an Apple company store, breaking her nose. The lady sued the company, arguing it  must have posted a warning  on the cup. The suit was settled without  any cost to Apple, based on a legal filing in early 2013.