Arkansas inmates snatch keys, take control of part of prison

Six inmates snatched secrets from three correctional officers in a maximum security prison in Illinois on Monday and held the particular officers in an area of the facility for approximately three hours, the second major disruption to occur at the penitentiary in less than per month.

The Arkansas Department of Modification said the inmates overpowered the particular officers and took the secrets during recreation call at the Optimum Security Unit in Tucker, thirty miles southeast of Little Stone. The three officers were later launched with scrapes, bruises and other small injuries, while an inmate who had been not involved in the initial disturbance has been taken to a hospital. Shortly after the final officer was released, corrections department speaker Solomon Graves said the inmates surrendered and the prison began time for normal operations.

Graves said the injured inmate is at stable condition after suffering accidents that could not be treated by the jail infirmary. Graves said the inmates who had taken the tips had been moved to another facility following the incident, but did not say exactly where. The department did not say the way the prisoners took the keys in the officers, or whether the inmates got any kinds of weapons.

The disturbance happened a week after officials revealed that the guard at the same prison fired 3 warning shots into the air upon July 22 after two pads and an inmate were assaulted. The department said it was not really informed of the shots fired till it was reported by the Arkansas Periods.

Illinois State Police had been on standby outside the prison during Monday’s occurrence and was waiting to get into to begin its investigation, said speaker Bill Sadler.

“Once that develops, our agents will enter the cellblock to begin an investigation to determine and determine any criminal activity that happened leading up to this incident and any kind of criminal activity that may have happened during the course of the incident, ” Sadler said.

Graves said the department’s movie director and the state Board of Modifications would conduct their own investigation to the incident, including whether it was associated with the July 22 attack.

Graves mentioned the incident showed the risks how the state’s correction officers face on a regular basis.

“Today is indicative from the inherent dangers of their work, yet our staff performed admirably nowadays and at this point we are just pleased that the situation was resolved with no serious injuries to inmates or our staff, ” Graves mentioned.

The utmost security prison has a capacity associated with 532 inmates and has 295 workers, according to the Department of Correction site.