Bernie Sanders announces he will seek re-election

Washington (CNN) Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders announced Mon he will seek re-election this year, using a formal kickoff in June when he angles for a third term.

Following their his insurgent but ultimately lost bid to capture the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, Sanders offers used his increased influence in order to champion his preferred policies plus argue in favor of reshaping the Democratic Party in a more progressive direction, clearly opposed to corporate influence and passions.
In the statement, Sanders listed off the slew of priorities he has widely championed, including a national minimal wage of $15 an hour, the “Medicare for all single payer program” and free tuition at community colleges.

Sanders, an independent senator who caucuses with the Democrats, won his bet for Senate in 2006 plus re-election in 2012 by overwhelming margins, according to the Vermont secretary of california’s election archive.

Sanders, 76, was named to a leadership position amongst Senate Democrats after the party’s loss in the 2016 election.