Bernie Sanders Says ‘Cardi B Is Right’ About Who Really Made America Great Again

Sen. Bernie Sanders   (I-Vt. ) showed his finesse lifting upward rapper Cardi B ’ s politics beliefs on Twitter.

The former usa president candidate on Wednesday tweeted regarding Cardi B, Social Security plus making America great again, compelling some to scratch their mind and others to say, “ 2018 is excellent! ” (OK, fine, the “ others”   are really us. )

Social Security Works first messaged a graphic with a paraphrase associated with Cardi B’ s comment regarding President Franklin Delano Roosevelt: “ He’ s the real ‘ Create America Great Again, ’ if it wasn’ t for your pet, old people wouldn’ t actually get Social Security. ”  

That estimate came from the rapper’ s interview along with GQ last week   by which she said she loves FDR and political science.

“ I’ meters obsessed with presidents. I’ m addicted to know how the system works, ” she told the publication.  

Upon Roosevelt, she said: “ He or she helped us get over the Despression symptoms, all while he was in the wheelchair. Like, this man had been suffering from polio at the time of his obama administration, and yet all he was concerned about was trying to make America excellent — make America great again  for real.   He’ s the real ‘ Create America Great Again, ’ if it wasn’ t for your pet, old people wouldn’ t actually get Social Security. ”

Sanders retweeted the graphic with the snippet through the interview, adding: “ Cardi N is right. ”

Sanders introduced legislation in Feb to boost Social Security. His concept would eliminate the cap on taxable income so that “ everyone who makes more than $250, 000 a year ”   will pay “ the same percent of their income into Social Safety as the middle class and functioning families. ”

According to The Hill, this particular legislation would increase Social Protection benefits for seniors who create less than $16, 000 “ by about $1, three hundred annually . ” It would furthermore “ boost cost-of-living-adjustments and lift more elderly people out of poverty by increasing the particular minimum benefits paid to low-income seniors . ”

On Wed afternoon, Sanders reiterated his pro-Cardi stance in a video he published to Twitter:

Asked by HuffPost to name his favorite song from the Bronx rapper, Sanders, 76, rapidly professed to being a novice within the genre.

“ I would be unethical if I told you I was a major college student of rap, ” he said  on Wednesday . “ But we appreciate greatly the work she has done…. Social Protection is an issue that young people don’ t know much about. ”

The senator noted the remarkable online reaction he’ d obtained over his tweet and once again praised the rapper for talking out.

“ This to me is definitely an intergenerational struggle. Young people have got to be engaged in it in the way Cardi B can be taking a leading role with it, ” he said.

Sanders, who is seen as a possible 2020 presidential contender, additional that he “ might very well” be interested in campaigning with her at some time.

As for Cardi, we know she implored her fans to “ election for Daddy Bernie” in the 2016 Democratic presidential primary.  

All of us see those money moves, Bernie. The only question now: Does Cardi still feel the Bern?  

This post has been updated with Sanders’ Wed afternoon tweet and additional comment in the senator.

MODIFICATION: A previous edition of this story mischaracterized Sanders’ suggestion for Social Security. He desires those earning $250, 000 annually or more to pay “ the same proportion of their income into Social Protection as the middle class and operating families. ”