Bill Maher Confronts ‘Dear Friend’ Roseanne Barr Over Trump Support

Bill Maher issued a heartfelt information to his “ dear friend” actress Roseanne Barr about her support of President Donald Trump on Friday’ s “ Real-time. ”

“ Like it or not you happen to be now the face of the Trump ally because you really do speak for a specific kind of American who knows they’ lso are being screwed by someone, they will just don’ t know that, ” said Maher. “ Yet here’ s what you’ lso are missing about Trump, when he admits that he’ s ‘ looking out for the tiny guy, ’ he’ s referring to his dick. ”

The comic reminded Barr of her socialist roots. “ You’ re not really Archie Bunker, you’ re Bernie Sanders, ” he stated.

Maher said he was confused along with Barr’ s character Roseanne Conner coming back as a Trump-supporting Republican within the “ Roseanne” reboot, and compared it to “ Will & Grace” returning with Will as being a straight man.

He did provide Barr a get-out, however.

“ So , here’ s the deal. I actually get that you were mad because hell and wanted to throw the monkey wrench into the whole functions and I won’ t judge that will, ” Maher said. “ When in the next six months you don’ capital t see Trump’ s magic beginning to work for you, if you’ re nevertheless trading pills and driving a good Uber, wouldn’ t the more practical plot line for season 2 be your disillusionment with Jesse Trump? ”

Check out the video above.