Black cats ‘don’t show well’ in selfies

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The particular founder of a cat rescue protection has said black cats are being detested by potential owners because they never “show well” in selfies.

The Moggery within Bristol has decided to offer free of charge neutering for black cats in order to curb the number of unwanted kittens.

Founder Christine Bayka said the situation is “more serious” than it has been in the last 20 years.

The RSPCA said this sees more black and monochrome cats come into its care compared to any other colour of feline.

On average it takes at least week longer to re-home a dark or black and white cat compared to the ginger one.

Christine Bayka has been running The particular Moggery for the last 20 years and stated while it has always been harder to re-home black cats and kittens, the problem has become worse.

“It’s become more serious now since people live their life upon selfies. Black cats are now much less popular because they don’t show up properly in pictures, ” she informed the BBC.

“When people ring me within the kitten season they will say ‘any colour except black’. ”

Tabbies and greys are usually “snapped up on day one”.

All 40 of the shelter’s “long termers” are currently black, which includes Velvet, who has been at the center for 14 years.

In response, the centre : which is run by volunteers — is offering free neutering for dark cats in the Bristol area by means of February.

‘Designer kittens’

Ms Bayka said she has also had individuals reject round-faced kittens in favour of “pointy noses”.

“People want designer kittens, ” the girl said. “They put an purchase in now. I find it confusing. ”

Ms Bayka said finding a friendly feline ought to be the “most important thing”.

Meanwhile Twitter users happen to be quick to defend their feline buddies, with many proving just how photogenic more dark cats can be.

RSPCA technological officer Dr Jane Tyson advised people to look beyond what a creature looks like.

“Their fur colour makes no distinction to how much love they have to provide, ” she said.

Rachel Saunders, the London Cattery Manager at Battersea, agreed.

“Cats are so a lot more than tools for social media enjoys – they will become your continuous companions and best friends, no matter what color they are, ” she said.

Tips for the perfect black cat selfie

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  1. Arm yourself with ideal cat treats
  2. Choose a minimal history
  3. Find a spot with soft illumination
  4. Get down to cat degree (this may involve laying down on the floor for a long time)
  5. Concentrate on your cat’s eyes

Source: RSPCA, Battersea Dogs and Cats House