‘Black Panther’ Sequel Officially Confirmed By Marvel Studio Head

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige showed Entertainment Weekly within an interview published Friday that ― SHOCK! ― a “ Dark Panther” sequel is certain.

When mentioned his plans for a sequel, Feige said there was “ nothing particular to reveal, ” but that will “ we absolutely will do that will. ”

“ Black Panther” totally destroyed at the box office, earning over $250 million domestically   up to now,   which puts it in the top ten of highest grossing films of them all. Worldwide, the film inches actually closer to the $1 billion indicate. At the moment, “ Black Panther”   sits on $940 million within global ticket sales.

Obviously, you will find very few details on the next film, yet Feige said they have “ quite a solid direction on where we would like to head with the second one. ”

Until then we’ ll simply have to get our Wakanda fix within the upcoming “ Avengers: Infinity War. ”