Black Trump supporter attacked at Cheesecake Factory over MAGA hat: report

The Cheesecake Factory is said to become investigating an incident at their own Miami location after a black client claims he was verbally bombarded by both staff and clients alike over his “ Create America Great Again” hat, the particular Daily Wire reports.

Eugenior Frederick, 22, was reportedly dining together with his girlfriend’ s family at the Dadeland Mall location of the restaurant upon Mother’ s Day. His MAGA hat allegedly drew the attention of the female staff member, who gathered the girl co-workers to confront him, the witness told the site. The see further claims about a dozen of these employees circled his table, directing fingers.

“So then all the employees started standing up there, saying things out loud, such as, ‘I’m going to knock his mind in so hard his hat’s likely to come off, ”  the source said.

Other witnesses for The Daily Wire say a few employees used the n-word in mention of the Joseph when speaking among by themselves, and another brandished his fists.

From one point, Joseph claims this individual and his girlfriend got up to utilize the restroom, and upon exiting, had been greeted by the employees, who were “ clapping and yelling, and just shouting things at me. ”

Joseph great girlfriend’ s family eventually still left the restaurant, only to run into law enforcement waiting outside, the report states. It is unclear who called the law enforcement to the restaurant. Witnesses say the authorities did not file any charges contrary to the restaurant or employees.

The Daily Cable claims to have viewed footage photos that confirm witness reports. The website also says the footage displays the family speaking with multiple police officers who else arrived at the restaurant.

The Cheesecake Manufacturer has since released a declaration regarding the incident, though the company have not confirmed whether anyone at the Dadeland Mall location has been charged along with any crime, or disciplined.

“No visitor should ever feel unwelcomed in a single of our restaurants and we are taking this particular matter very seriously, ” scans a statement obtained by the Everyday Wire. “Upon learning of this occurrence, we immediately apologized to the visitors in person. We are conducting an investigation and can take the appropriate corrective action. inch