China’s Hitting the U.S. Where It Hurts: In the Pork Belly

China just struck back in U. S. import tariffs using its own set of reciprocal ones focusing on, among other products, U. T. pork.

China is the world’ ersus biggest pork producer, consumer plus importer, and the country is planning for a 25 percent tax on U. S i9000. pork imports, the Commerce Ministry said in a statement on Fri.

China’ s strike on U. S. pork imports comes just hours after Oughout. S. President Donald Trump purchased tariffs on a range of Chinese items from aerospace to machinery. Final month, people familiar with the matter mentioned China was studying the effect of restrictions on U. S i9000. soybeans, used to feed the Hard anodized cookware country’ s more than 400 mil pigs.

Analysts at New York-based investment bank Vertical Group pointed out U. S. pork as an “ easy target ” designed for China. Domestic wholesale Chinese chicken prices tumbled to the lowest given that 2015 in March, with any kind of recovery expected to take time due to a good expansion in its industry.