Chinese spy ship lurks off coast of Alaska during missile defense test

(CNN) The Chinese spy ship has been cruising in international waters off the coastline of Alaska for several days, getting first arrived in the area shortly prior to the test of a US missile defense program, multiple US officials have informed CNN.

US Navy Capt. Scott Miller, spokesperson for the North American Aeronautical Defense Command, said the deliver is believed to be a “communications” or even “intelligence” vessel and confirmed it is often in the area for the last few days.
Miller would not think on the reason for the ship getting there.

Two ALL OF US military officials told CNN the ship is operating approximately hundred miles off the Alaska coast within international waters.
The officials pointed out that the Chinese language ship is operating legally plus said the US does not have security problems about the vessel.

US ships also frequently operate in international waters close to China.
The officials said it is possible the particular ship was there to observe the latest successful Terminal High Altitude Area Protection (THAAD) missile defense system test away from Alaska, but the US has no method of confirming that intent.
However , one official informed CNN that it was rare for Cina to operate this type of ship in that region and that it was reasonable to presume it was there to observe the test.
China has lengthy protested the US-South Korea choice to deploy THAAD to the Korean peninsula, saying that it could be used to focus on Chinese missiles.
South Korean and US authorities say the system would be used to intercept missiles coming from North Korea.
The same official stated that the US had observed similar Chinese language vessels in recent days cruising off the coast of Guam plus shadowing a joint US-Australia army exercise named Talisman Sabre. The state added this level of activity has been unusual.