Chris Christie catches foul ball at Mets-Cardinals game

Washington (CNN) Bob Christie hasn’t caught a break politically in months — but a minimum of the New Jersey governor snagged the foul ball Tuesday night in a game between the New York Mets as well as the St . Louis Cardinals.

According to Fox Sports activities Midwest, Christie made the left-handed catch off a hit from the Cardinals’ Paul DeJong.
One announcer made the quip about Christie’s controversial choice to spend time on a closed general public beach with his family during a authorities shutdown in New Jersey, saying from the catch: “Nice to see him obtain from the beach here to the sports event. ”

Several some said they heard boos inside crowd for the governor, and one remarked that he passed off the ball to your kid nearby.
Christie is a noted sports fan , acquiring once pointed to the Mets just as his favorite baseball team.

Ever since the bridge closure controversy back home, Christie’s failed presidential bid and his heated embrace of President Donald Overcome, the outgoing governor has looked at his approval rating plummet, getting to a total of 15% approval to be able to 80% disapproval in a Monmouth University vote released July different.
Christie appeared on a sports radio clearly show recently, talking baseball and getting to an argument with a caller.