Coffee chain to ban disposable cups

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An independent espresso chain is believed to be the first in the united kingdom to ban the sale of warm drinks in disposable cups.

From 1 June, Birkenstock boston Tea Party, which has 21 divisions around England, will only sell popular drinks in reusable cups.

Customers must either provide their own mug, buy one in store or even pay a deposit on one they could return to any branch.

Supermarket giant Waitrose has made an identical pledge to stop using disposable mugs by autumn while Costa Espresso has vowed to improve on recycling where possible.

Boston Tea Celebration owner Sam Roberts said that to continue handing out 300, 000 disposable mugs a year was “senseless”.

It is estimated that more than two billion throw away coffee cups are used each year in the united kingdom, with fewer than 1% being reused.

The new plan for takeaway hot drinks, which account for £ 1m of the company’s annual £ 19. 8m turnover, is the chain’s second attempt to reduce waste.

Customers were previously provided a 25p discount on beverages if they brought their own cup, yet only 2 . 8% of people used the offer.

Underneath the new scheme, customers who neglect their reusable cup can buy one particular in store for between £ four. 25 and £ 4. seventy five. Alternatively, they can pay a down payment on a loan cup and come back it when finished.

While paper mugs can be recycled at specialist vegetation, they are not suitable for recycling with other document and cardboard products because they include a plastic lining.

Additional UK coffee chains have also introduced plans to cut waste. Costa, for instance , has vowed to recycle as numerous cups as it puts into the marketplace by 2020 – but Mister Roberts does not believe such programs are effective.

“Lots of coffee chains are making promises about how they plan to tackle glass waste in the future, ” he stated, “but theirs is a future that is too far away.

“We want to demonstrate to other operators that will to make a difference, big change is required.

“We can make this work and we’ll reveal details of how we’ve done this with anyone who wants our assistance to do the same. ”

Exactly what are other coffee chains doing?

Costa Coffee has promised to reuse as many cups as it puts to the market by 2020 and also provides customers a 25p discount upon hot beverages if they bring their very own reusable cup.

Pret A Manger offers customers a 50p low cost on hot beverages if they provide their own reusable cup.

Starbucks provides customers a 25p discount upon hot beverages if they bring their very own reusable cup. It is also trialling the 5p levy on disposable mugs at 35 of its London shops.

Caffe Nero ahead software says that, together with its competitors, it is “working to boost the number of [coffee cup] recycling where possible points” in the UK.

Paul offers clients a 25p discount on popular beverages if they bring their own recylable cup.

Environmental charity Friends from the Earth, which campaigns on the concern, said it was encouraged that suppliers were taking steps to reduce waste materials, but argued the government needed to perform more to help solve the problem.

“We welcome steps becoming taken by coffee shops to decrease the quantity of plastic pollution they produce, inch a spokesman said.

“However, it’s the UK government which usually looks like it could use a caffeine conquer for its plastic strategy. ”

The charity insists that this only long-term solution to the plastic air pollution is “a complete phase-out of most but the most essential plastics”.