Congressmen: Our bipartisan plan for health care

(CNN) Individuals are sick of politics and politicians. They have got had it with the finger-pointing plus blame games while the world is definitely engulfed in chaos.

We are, as well.
Jooxie is freshman members of Congress through different political parties, but we all know there is more that unites all of us than divides us. That’s why we are going to part of the Problem Solvers Caucus: several more than 40 lawmakers, split equally between Democrats and Republicans, committed to — a person guessed it — solving troubles.

This particular month, after working together for days, the Issue Solvers Caucus introduced a five-point proposal to begin the fixing our broken health care program. After years of attacks and counterattacks by both parties, we are resetting the particular conversation by outlining a set of concepts aimed at stabilizing the health insurance marketplaces and providing relief to people, families and small businesses.
As it stands, the Inexpensive Care Act is unsustainable. Pertaining to too many Americans, health care is still too costly. Premiums are rising and people are usually scared. This is a life-and-death issue for most Americans. They deserve to know that whenever they get sick, or their child drops ill, that a system will be in position to ensure they have access to high-quality, inexpensive health coverage. That should be the goal for just about any lawmaker, regardless of party.

We know that the Inexpensive Care Act isn’t perfect, yet we need to keep what works and repair what doesn’t. The bottom line is: we need to strengthen the individual market right now — which is what our proposal does.
First, it could bring cost-sharing reduction payments below Congressional authority, but ensure they have got mandatory funding. The President offers endangered to withhold these types of funds, which would result in devastating high quality increases and out-of-pocket costs to get families.
2nd, we must stabilize the individual marketplace simply by creating a dedicated fund for claims to use to bring down premiums plus limit losses for providing insurance, especially for people with pre-existing conditions.
Third, the plan calls for an adjustment towards the employer mandate from businesses which have 50 employees to those with five hundred employees. The current mandate puts a lot of burdens on small businesses, making it extremely difficult to grow beyond 50 employees.
Fourth, we must repeal the 2 . 3% Medical Device Taxes , which we know is approved onto consumers and creates a larger hole in their pocket.
Finally, our proposal will give you technical changes and guidelines pertaining to states seeking to improve their exchanges and provide better coverage for consumers.
This isn’t the particular silver bullet solution to our health care troubles, but it’s a start — and it’s the exact kind of common sense management that Americans are looking for. Instead of concentrating on scoring political points, the Problem Solvers Caucus’ goal is simple: get elements done.
The two of us happen to have been trained as CPAs plus lawyers. We’re both freshmen users from suburban districts. One is through Long Island and Queens within New York and the other from outdoors Philadelphia, but we are joined simply by other members from all over our own nation with varying backgrounds plus years of service.
When we came to Congress recording, each of us signed a junior pledge to civility. That’s exactly what being an elected official is about. We all chose to set aside our petty distinctions, look at the big picture, and understand that we have a sacred duty to enhance the lives of the people who have trusted us with the responsibility of symbolizing them — and our nation — in Congress.
We know that this is severe business. Ramming through legislation along with support from only one party is not really how the legislative branch of authorities was meant to operate, and as coming from seen before and we’re viewing again now, it just turn up useful info.

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We need commanders sobered by their responsibilities and people committed to stopping the nonsense that will dominates our current national talk and elevating the debate towards the serious, responsible level our situations demand.
Rather than focusing on areas of disagreement, let’s concentrate on goodwill and compromise where we are able to find common ground. We think our health care proposal is the begin of many good bipartisan conversations. It is far from only our duty, but our own only hope.