Cuomo’s ‘open letter’ to Trump after Texas school shooting slammed on Twitter: ‘YOU do something’

Hours following a gunman opened fire in a Texas senior high school classroom , killing at least ten people, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo took to Twitter demanding President Trump “DO SOMETHING. ” After listing 7 mass shootings within a tweet to Trump, Cuomo, the Democrat, then drafted a notice.

The May 18 “open letter” calls on Trump, the House associated with Representatives and the Senate to take action.

“When is sufficient enough? ” Cuomo asks. “How many more innocent people have to perish before you act? ”

Cuomo, who featured about his “F” rating through the National Rifle Association (NRA), informed the politicians to put their nation first.

“You were elected to guide – do something. Your first  obligation is to the people of this country, not really the NRA – do something, inch Cuomo repeated. “My heart fails for the families who have to cry from this needless violence – TAKE A STEP. ”


The letter, signed by Cuomo  — who dubbed himself the particular “father of Cara, Mariah plus Michaela, taxpayer, Governor of New You are able to, NRA ‘F’ Rated Elected Official”  — garnered more than 665 retweets by Friday evening and obtained dozens of fiery replies.

Several Twitter customers lectured Cuomo for allegedly not really offering any solutions himself, while some told him he should rather focus on New York’s issues.

“You’ lso are the elected official. What’ t your plan? Don’ t simply pass the buck. ”

– Tweets user

“This isn’t really about you, it’s like you aren’t help yourself. You were elected to assist NYS, so NYers should be your own priority. Sincerely, an ACTUAL taxpayer associated with NYS, commuter (when the teaches work) and NRA member, inch one Twitter user replied.

“Why on the web do something in the State of NYC that is so terrific that the remaining States in the USA will follow? IT IS TIME THAT YOU SHOULD LEAD! ” another added.

“You’ lso are the elected official. What’ t your plan? Don’ t simply pass the buck, ” 1 user wrote.

“Oh, like NYC is really a crimeless utopia. Governor, DO SOMETHING, inch another demanded.

Some people suggested Cuomo has been “politicizing” the tragedy in order to improve his own popularity among voters — with at least one user calling this his “2020 audition. ”


“Nice to politicize a disaster. So while we’ re heading there, who were the presidents throughout all of these shootings? ” one person questioned.

“Really? You’re using this horrible massacre for the campaign? NRA F rated might have been left out of this tweet, ” an additional added.

“Andy, STOP making it so apparent that you are running for Prez within 2020 with your ‘new found voice’ on Twitter! ” a Tweets user added.

“Nice to politicize the tragedy. So while we’ lso are going there, who were the presidents during all of these shootings? ”

: Twitter user

Particularly, many users took issue with Cuomo labeling himself a “taxpayer. inch

“You are a Taxpayer rated F standard as well, ” one user left a comment.

“Taxpayer? Tax Spender Extraordinaire is more enjoy it, ” another jabbed.

However , a handful of individuals did offer Cuomo some assistance, echoing his comments to Trump and other lawmakers.


New York  Democratic Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda had written, “Couldn’t agree more Governor. inch

“I agree, Congress is failing our kids, ” one man responded.

Trump spoke along with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Friday afternoon to “offer his condolences for those affected by the particular shooting at Santa Fe Senior high school, ” an official told Fox Information. He later addressed the nation, inquiring government officials to work together to avoid similar tragedies.

“ My administration is decided to do everything in our power to defend our students, secure our colleges and to keep weapons out of the fingers of those who pose a risk to themselves and to others, inch Trump said. “Everyone must come together at every level of government to keep our kids safe. ”

Trump announced in late March that the administration would ban bundle stocks and “ all devices” that turn otherwise legal weaponry into “ illegal machine weapons, ” keeping a promise produced amid a bipartisan gun manage debate just weeks after seventeen students were gunned down in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Fox News’ Brooke Singman contributed to this statement.