Deadly Texas home invasion: Police search for person of interest

A botched home intrusion turned deadly in Texas, since police said Monday they were looking for a person of interest in the case.

Police are usually seeking  Jeremy Jamal Wheaton Ardion, 30, saying it was unclear when he was there at the time — but they believe he has information about the big event,   Sibel 26 reported .

Jalen Cole, eighteen, and an unidentified man rush into the apartment in Baytown before 10 p. m. on Weekend. Police  stated   the masked potential foods tried to rob the people inside.

The two potential foods engaged in a gunfight with the individuals inside the apartment. Cole was chance at least once, collapsing and dying on the street.

The stray bullet from the shootout punctured a wall and flew directly into an apartment unit next door, hitting  Derrick Frank , a disabled 44-year-old man, within the shoulder while he was on the couch.

Frank was flown to Funeral Hermann Hospital, where he underwent surgical treatment. He’s now on a ventilator, and it is expected to survive.

Anyone with  information about this particular incident is urged to contact Baytown Crimestoppers at  281-427-TIPS.

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