Dear doubters, B.o.B wants to prove the Earth is flat once and for all

(CNN) A year ago, rapper B. o. B. used Twitter in order to jump on the ‘flat Earth’ bandwagon , and it looks like he’s already been riding it ever since.

Earth’s curve is really a big contention for flat Earthers, who argue that if the earth had been round, the “curve” would be a lot more visible to the earthbound human eye.
B. um. B. ‘s campaign says the program is to “launch multiple satellites straight into space” in order to observe, and try to disprove, what centuries of science plus technology have already confirmed. All this individual needs is a small investment associated with $200, 000 dollars (and start approval, of course).

He’s titled his objective ” Display BoB The Curve . inch By Monday afternoon it got racked up $255 and 105 shares on Facebook.

Over the last couple of years, the works of Aristotle plus Galileo have come up against armchair astronomers who believe, like really believe, the planet earth is flat.
And endorsements by big-name celebrities such as Kyrie Irving , Tila Tequila and Sammy Watkin s maintain nudging flat Earthers out of the dark areas.
Between their particular Facebook and Twitter accounts, the particular Flat Earth Society has more than 100, 000 followers — even though a good portion of them appear to be right now there to poke fun at the event.