Devin Nunes Calls Colbert’s Jokes About Him A ‘Danger’ In This Country

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif. ) said Saturday that Stephen Colbert ’ s jokes regarding him are a “ danger”   in this country.

Colbert traveled towards the Capitol on Friday’ s event of  “ The Late Show” in a spoof mission to tease information out of congressmen about achievable collusion between President  Donald Trump ’ s campaign and Russia.   Colbert was armed with his own memo stating: “ Devon Nunes is really a [redacted]. ”

Colbert was able to crack a smile from stone-faced Sen.   Mark Warner   (D-Va. ) when he or she asked him if he has been “ jealous” that Rep.   Adam Schiff   (D-Calif. ) gets to work with Nunes.  

“ This is the danger that we have with this country, ” Nunes said whenever Fox News’ Neil Cavuto questioned how he felt about the comedies.

“ The left controls not just the universities in this country, however they also control Hollywood in this nation, and the mainstream media, so very conservative in this country are under assault… they attack people who are trying to get towards the truth, ” the head of the House Cleverness Committee added.

Check out Nunes’ remarks above, and Colbert’ s objective below.