Don Lemon Has 2 Words For People Who Say It’s Not Time To Talk About Guns

Don Lemon has two words and phrases for people who say it’ s not really the time to talk about gun violence in the us:   “ Shut up. ”

After Wednesday’ s mass capturing at a South Florida high school, the particular “ CNN Tonight” host declared that compared to other countries, America had been “ off the charts” when it reached this kind of violence.   And that intended we have to talk about guns.  

“ You can save it. People who are saying, ‘ Oh, y’ know, it’ s i9000 not the time to talk about guns’ or even whatever, ” Lemon said inside a clip posted online by Raw Tale . “ Yes, it is. Close up. I don’ t wish to hear it. It absolutely will be. ”

Lemon said the one thing that will sets America apart was the easy access to guns,   which includes people who shouldn’ t be allowed to have got firearms:

“ So don’ t tell me that will it’ s not time to discuss it. You talk to those people straight down in Florida who lost themselves. They’ ll tell you it’ s i9000 time to talk about it. ‘ The loved one would be here if this player with the dice did not have access to an assault-style gun. ’ ”  

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