Emails: Cal State activists target conservative student group, say they’re ‘not welcome’

A left-leaning group at California State University, Long Beach called a newly-formed conservative student organization “white supremacist” and said the members were not  “welcome” on campus, emails show.

CSULB’s “Student for Quality Education” group asked for ideas on how to “counteract” the newly formed Turning Point USA chapter in an email, Campus Reform reported.

In the message, SQE finds fault with TPUSA’s support for ideas such as the “free market, limited government, and free speech.”

SQE asks its members to oppose the conservative group.

“Have an idea of what we can do to counteract them?” SQE wrote in the email. “Come to our meeting and let us know.”

Under the heading “stop white supremacy,” the message warns about “right-wing student groups” such as TPUSA.

“Right-wing student groups are popping up all across the country and CSULB is no different,” the email stated. “Let’s show them that they are not welcome here.”

The TPUSA chapter president told Campus Reform that SQE has sent out at least two similar emails.

They are “promoting hate and discrimination against any group that is ‘right-wing,’” Oscar Acevedo said.

TPUSA’s founder, Charlie Kirk, rejected the characterization of his group as having anything to do with “white supremacy.”

“Calling Turning Point USA a white supremacist group is one of the most intellectually lazy attacks upon our organization,” Kirk told Fox News. “Not only do we have widespread diversity within our ranks, we also host the nation’s largest ‘Young Latino Leadership Summit’ for young conservative Latino leaders each year.”

Kirk said this treatment is the new normal for conservatives on campus.

“Whenever the left finds a group or organization they disagree with, they immediately want to characterize that group as racist,” he said. “Instead of having a substantive conversation about the issues they would much rather hurl insults that aim to delegitimize conservatives.”

SQE did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Caleb Parke is an associate editor for You can follow him on Twitter @calebparke