Eminem: ‘A F**king Turd Would Have Been Better As A President’ Than Trump

Eminem has no regrets about contacting out Donald Trump as well as the president’ s supporters, even though some of these may be fans of the hip hop superstar.

The fucking turd would have been much better as a president, ” the Detroit rapper said in the new interview that Billboard publication published on Thursday.

Eminem offers repeatedly criticized Trump, those who the very best him into power and some of the divisive views ― via the project artwork for new report “ Revival, ” the music “ Untouchable ” and his blistering cypher at the 2017 BET Hiphop Awards.

But he’ s not really overly concerned about his political position costing him their support.

“ At the end of the day, if I did lose fifty percent my fan base, then so whether it is, because I feel like I was up for what was right and I’ m on the right side of the, ” Eminem told Billboard.

Within the interview, Eminem also responded to claims of hypocrisy regarding his occasionally misogynistic and homophobic song words. “ A lot of shit is said within jest, it’ s tongue-in-cheek” in order to “ get a reaction out of individuals, ” he said.

The same can’ t be said for Trump, however , he added. “ It’ s my artistic license to convey myself. Last time I examined, Trump isn’ t an designer and doesn’ t have an creative license. I’ m not the particular fuckin’ president. ”