Excerpts of transcripts between Trump and press on Air Force One

(CNN) Listed below are excerpts of White House transcripts of a conversation between President Jesse Trump and the press on This summer 12 aboard Air Force A single. They were previously off-the-record, but the Whitened House has chosen to release these types of excerpts to the public. Read all of them below:

Office of the Press Admin

Internal Transcript
July twelve, 2017
On Air Force One
En Route Paris, France
9: 15 L. M. EDT
On the visit to France:
Q When were a person last in Paris? When had been you last in France?
THE PRESIDENT: Therefore i was asked to go by the Chief executive, who I get along with very well, regardless of a lot of fake news. You know, I really have a very good relationship with all of the individuals at the G20. And he called me personally, he said, would you come, it’s actual Bastille Day — 100 years considering that World War I. And I mentioned, that’s big deal, 100 years since Entire world War I. SO we’re going to move, I think we’re going to have a great time, plus we’re going to do something good. And your dog is doing a good job. He’s doing a realistic alternative as President.
On North Korea, China, plus trade:
THE PARTICULAR PRESIDENT: A big thing we have along with China was, if they could help all of us with North Korea, that would be excellent. They have pressures that are tough stresses, and I understand. And you know, remember, China, over the many years, has been in war with Korea — you understand, wars with Korea. It’s not such as, oh, gee, you just do no matter what we say. They’ve had several wars with Korea.
They have an 8, 1000 year culture. So when they discover 1776 — to them, that’s just like a modern building. The White Home was started — was basically built in 1799. To us, absolutely really old. To them, that’s just like a super modern building, right? Therefore , you know, they’ve had tremendous turmoil over many, many centuries along with Korea. So it’s not just like, you will this. But we’re going to find out what occurs.
Very important to me personally with China, we have to fix the particular trade. We have to fix the industry. And I’ve been going a little bit simpler because I’d like to have their help. It’s actual hard to go ***. But we need to fix the trade with Tiongkok because it’s very, very none-reciprocal.
Q Is that your bargaining chip with them to get on board along with North Korea? Is, like, you would like to —
THE PARTICULAR PRESIDENT: Nobody has ever mentioned it before. I say everything the time. Somebody said, what credit cards do you have? I said, very simple — trade. We are being absolutely emaciated by bad trade deals. We now have the worst of all trade offers is with China.
We have a bad deal with Southern Korea. We’re just starting discussions with South Korea. South Korea, we protect, but we’re dropping $40 billion a year with Southern Korea on trade. We have the trade deficit of $40 billion dollars. The deal just came up.
That was one more Hillary Clinton beauty. Remember the girl said it was five-year deal, and today it’s an extension period. She mentioned this will put jobs in our nation. She said we’ll make money by it. Great. We’re losing $40 billion dollars a year. It’s a horrible deal. Therefore we’re starting — we began, as of yesterday, renegotiating the deal along with South Korea. We have to.
But the biggest power we have are these horrendous business deals, like with China. That’s the strength. But we’re going to fix all of them. But in terms of North Korea, our strength is trade.
Q And do you believe that’s going to bring them around?
THE PRESIDENT: Well, yes, when I say reciprocal — you create reciprocal deals, you’re talking about numerous billions of dollars. But before I did that will, I wanted to give it a good chance. Let’s see. And they helped all of us. I have a very good relationship with your pet. I think he’s a tremendous guy. Yet don’t forget. He’s for China. I am just for the U. S. So that is certainly always going to be.
So he could become a tremendous guy, but he’s going to perform what’s good for China. And he is not going to want 50 million people flowing across his border. You know, there are a great number of things. I understand the other side. You have always to understand the other side.
Q What about steel?
THE PRESIDENT: Steel is really a big problem. Steel is — I mean, they’re dumping steel. Not just China, but others. We’re just like a dumping ground, okay? They’re throwing steel and destroying our metal industry, they’ve been doing it for decades, plus I’m stopping it. It’ll prevent.
Q Upon tariffs?
THE PARTICULAR PRESIDENT: There are two ways — quotas and tariffs. Maybe I’ll perform both.
Upon healthcare:
THE PARTICULAR PRESIDENT: No, I think, first, I would like to do — well, we have several things. We have a thing called health care. I’m sure you haven’t been reading through about it too much. It is one of the — I’d say the only thing more difficult compared to peace between Israel and the Palestinians is healthcare. It’s like this filter road that about a quarter of the inch wide. You get a couple right here and you say, great, and then you discover out you just lost four more than here. Healthcare is tough.
But I think we will have something that’s really good which people are going to like. We’re going to learn over the next — you know, we all just extended for two weeks. Which usually, that’s a big —
On the border wall:
Q You were kidding about solar, right?
THE PRESIDENT: No, not really joking, no . There is a chance that individuals can do a solar wall. We now have major companies looking at that. Appear, there’s no better place for solar power than the Mexico border — the particular southern border. And there is a excellent chance we can do a solar wall structure, which would actually look good. But there exists a very good chance we could do a solar energy wall.
Among the things with the wall is you need openness. You have to be able to see through it. Put simply, if you can’t see through that wall — so it could be a steel wall along with openings, but you have to have openings since you have to see what’s on the other side from the wall.
Plus I’ll give you an example. As terrible as it sounds, when they throw the big sacks of drugs over, and when you have people on the other side of the walls, you don’t see them — these people hit you on the head along with 60 pounds of stuff? It can over. As crazy as that will sounds, you need transparency through that will wall. But we have some amazing designs.
Yet we are seriously looking at a photo voltaic wall. And remember this, it’s a two, 000 mile border, but you have a tendency need 2, 000 miles associated with wall because you have a lot of organic barriers. You have mountains. You have several rivers that are violent and aggresive. You have some areas that are up to now away that you don’t really have people traversing. So you don’t need that. Yet you’ll need anywhere from 700 to nine hundred miles.
Plus we have some wall gowns already up that we’re currently fixing. You know, we’ve already began the wall because we’re repairing large portions of wall now. We’re taking wall that was great but it’s in very poor shape, and we’re making it brand new. We’re fixing it. It’s currently started. So we’ve actually, within the true sense — you know, there is reason to take it down or even ***. So in a true feeling, we’ve already started the walls.
On Jesse Trump, Jr.:
THE PRESIDENT: Don is — as many of you know Don — he’s a good boy. He’s an excellent kid. And he had a meeting, absolutely nothing happened with the meeting. It was a brief meeting as he told me — due to the fact I only heard about it 2 or 3 days ago.
As he told me, the conference went — and it was went to by a couple of other people who — one of these left after a few minutes — that is Jared. The other one was having fun with his iPhone. Don listened, away from politeness, and realized it was not….
Honestly, in the world of politics, most people are likely to take that meeting. If someone called and said, hey — and you’re a Democrat — and by the way, they have taken them — hey, I have really some home elevators Donald Trump. You’re running towards Donald Trump. Can I see you? After all, how many people are not going to take the conference?
On Leader Putin and Russia:
Q Are you mad that will Putin lied about the meeting you had with him, especially about —
THE LEADER: What meeting?
Q At the G20, when this individual said that you didn’t — you understand, you accepted that the hacking was not real.
THE PARTICULAR PRESIDENT: He didn’t say that. Number He said, I think he recognized it, but you’d have to inquire him. That’s a big difference. So I stated, very simply — and the very first 45 minutes, don’t forget, most of the papers stated I’d never bring it up. Needed to be the first 20 to 25 a few minutes.
And am said to him, were you associated with the meddling in the election? This individual said, absolutely not. I was not included. He was very strong on it. Then i said to him again, in a completely different way, were you involved with the particular meddling. He said, I was not really — absolutely not.
Q Do you remember what the various way was that you asked —
THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE: Somebody said later to me, that was interesting. Said, let me tell you, if they had been involved, you wouldn’t have found away about it. Okay, which is a very fascinating point.
Queen But did you say, alright, I believe you, let’s move on?
THE PRESIDENT: The things i said, I asked him, had been you involved? He said, really strongly — said to him an additional time — totally different — had been you involved? Because we aren’t let that happen. And I suggest whether it’s Russia or anybody otherwise, we can’t let there become even a scintilla of doubt with regards to an election. I mean, I’m quite strong on that.
And I’m not saying this wasn’t Russia. What I’m stating is that we have to protect ourselves regardless of who it is. You know, China is excellent at this. I hate to say this, North Korea is very good at this particular. Look what they did to Sony Studios. They were the ones that did the entire deal to Sony. You know, we are going to dealing with highly sophisticate people.
So , China is excellent. You have many countries. And you have many people that are very good at this. But all of us can’t have — and I do say, we can’t have a scintilla of doubt as our polls and going forward.
Q Have you told him that will?
THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE: I told him. I mentioned, look, we can’t — we all can’t have — now, he or she said absolutely not twice. What do you do? Result in a fistfight with somebody, alright? Because then I brought up Syria, and am said —
Q Afterwards?
THE PRESIDENT: Very shortly right now there afterward. And I said, there’s a lot killing in Syria. We have got to solve Syria. We’ve got to solve Ukraine. And you know, I’ve always stated — and I’m not just discussing Russia — we’re a lot better away — like it’s a good thing that Excellent good relationship with President Xi. It’s a good thing I have a good romantic relationship with every one of them — Modi — you saw that. Every one of them of all 19 — there is certainly 20 with us. All 19, Excellent great relationship with.
More on the Visit to Italy and Trade:
So we’re doing well. I mean, jooxie is doing well and we’re having a good time. At this point what we’ll do is we will go celebrate with the President associated with France — we have a good connection — open up a little trade with these. But it’s got to be fair business. I mean, every deal we have can be bad. It’s got to be fair industry.
I mean, europe, as an example — I’m all for your European Union, but we have things that we are able to barely sell into the European Union. These kinds of are very protectionist. And we’re not really. And you have to be reciprocal.
To me, the word reciprocal is really a beautiful word. Because people may say, we don’t like a boundary tax or we don’t like this particular or we don’t like that. Yet what they can’t say is that, if you are selling a motorcycle and they’re entering your country and not paying taxes, and they’re going into another country plus paying 100 percent tax, people realize that’s not fair. So we say we all make it reciprocal.
More on President Putin and Russian federation, and on energy:
Q Do you think you’ll invite Putin to the White House?
THE PRESIDENT: I would state yes, yeah. At the right period. I don’t think this is the right period, but the answer is yes I might. Look, it’s very easy for me to express absolutely, I won’t. That’s the easy issue for me to do, but that’s the ridiculous thing to do. Let’s be the smart individuals not the stupid people. The simplest thing for me to tell you is that I might never invite him. We will never talk to Russia. That all of my friends within Congress will say, oh he is so wonderful, he’s so amazing. Folks, we have perhaps the second most effective nuclear country in the world. If you don’t have conversation, you have to be fools. Fools. It would be the simplest thing for me to say to Maggie and all sorts of you, I will never speak to your pet, and everybody would love me. Yet I have to do what’s right.
And, incidentally, I only want to make great deals along with Russia. Remember this, I have developed — we’re getting $57 billion dollars more for the military. Hillary would definitely cut the military. I’m a significant fracker, coal, natural gas, alternate power, wind — everything, right? Yet I’m going to produce much much more power than anyone else who was ever working for office. Ever. We’re going to have got clean coal, and Hillary was not. Hillary was going to stop fracking. The girl was going to stop coal totally. Hi, in West Virginia I defeat her by 42 points. Keep in mind, she went and sat with all the miners and they said get the heck out of here. So , I was likely to — if Hillary got within, your energy prices right now would be dual. You’d be doing no fracking. You would be doing practically no fossil fuels.
So Putin, everything I do is the exact opposing. I don’t believe — in fact , the main one question that I didn’t ask your pet that I wish I did — yet we had so many other things going, and also the ceasefire was a very complex talk, it was a very important talk to me personally because I wanted to see if we can start a ceasefire.
Now, why does that influence Russia? Because Russia makes the money through selling of essential oil, and we’ve got underneath us a lot more oil than anybody, and no one knew it until five in years past. And I want to use it. And I shouldn’t want that taken away by the Paris, france Accord. I don’t want these to say all of that wealth that the United states of america has under its feet, yet that China doesn’t have and that some other countries don’t have, we can’t make use of. So now we no longer possess the advantage. We have a tremendous advantage. We now have more natural resources under our own feet than any other country. This is a pretty big statement. Ten years back, five years ago even, you could not make that statement. We’re fortunate. I don’t want to give it up. I actually don’t want to say oh, alright, we won’t use it. But consider it. So , if Hillary will there be, you’re going to have a far less amount of energy. Therefore , energy prices will be a lot, much higher. That’s great for Russia.
So , next time I’m with Putin, I’m going to inquire him: who were you really for? Due to the fact I can’t believe that he would have been for me personally. Me. Strong military, strong edges — but he cares much less about the borders — but solid military, tremendous. We’re going to be a good exporter of fuel this year. We will be exporting. What was the first thing We signed when I got in? The particular Keystone Pipeline, and the Keystone Pipeline goes from Canada all the way through our own country right into the Gulf, as well as the ships are there to take it all as well as compete with Russia.
More on Energy:
The first thing I signed, the first day, was your Keystone Pipeline. That first 2. was the Keystone and the Dakota Gain access to Pipeline — also Dakota Gain access to. Now, what does that mean? Dakota Accessibility takes it to the Pacific. That do they compete with? Russia. Hillary would have never signed — which was with the reservation — she would have not signed it. I was given excellent credit for that one. That was a difficult one. First day. It’s also forty eight, 000 jobs between both of these. The other one I signed, which was the Keystone. That was dead. Which was dead for two years. It was certainly not going to happen. I revived this on day one. You know, you’ll verify, please check it. I have to be specifically accurate. They’ll say, oh I actually wasn’t totally accurate. But that will goes to the Gulf, right? Competes with Russia.
More on Energy and The ussr:
THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE: So now oil is getting to become record low — and fuel — because we’re producing a lot. That means Russia — and you understand Russia *** is having a little difficult experience because it has come down so much.
On Russia sanctions:
Q However, you wouldn’t sign a new sanctions costs if it passes the House?
THE PRESIDENT: Properly, I’m not talking about new, I am talking about the old sanctions. Wait, all of us got to get this right. Ready? I believe I said it right yet just in case. We have very heavy sanctions on Russia right now. I would not really and have never even thought about consuming them off. Somebody said, Jesse Trump wants to — I shouldn’t want to take them off.
Q Putin failed to raise that with you?
THE PRESIDENT: He or she never raised it. We do, I think, talk about the sanctions that will Congress wants to pass, but it has been very brief. Much of it was discussed Ukraine. Look, we talked about the particular elections. We talked about Ukraine plus Syria. Not in that order. All of us talked about Syria and Ukraine. Yet I will just tell you, I failed to say this to him. All of us didn’t talk about this aspect of this. I would never take the sanctions away from until something is worked out to our fulfillment and everybody’s satisfaction in Syria and in Ukraine.
I saw a report and I study a report that Trump wants to pull off the sanctions. I’ve made lots of money. I’ve made great deals. That’s the things i do. Why would I consider sanctions off without getting everything?
Upon allegations of collusion with Russian federation:
THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE: What pressure? I didn’t — I did nothing. Hey, now they have shown there’s no collusion, there’s no blockage, there’s no nothing. Honestly, the whole thing, it really is a media witch hunt. Novice a media witch hunt. And it is bad for the country. You know, when you talk regarding Russia, if Russia actually do whatever they want to do, they have got to be laughing, because look at what goes on — how much time….
They feel it’s a witch hunt, the people. There are a lot of people. And the ones people vote. They don’t stay home due to the fact it’s drizzling. We proved that will. But every single party chairman declared that my base is substantially more powerful than it was in November. This is a big compliment. That’s a big go with. And I feel it.
And I think what’s occurring is, as usual, the Democrats have got played their card too hard for the Russia thing, because people not necessarily believing it. It’s a witch search and they understand that. When they say “treason” — you know what treason is? Absolutely Julius and Ethel Rosenberg to get giving the atomic bomb, alright? But what about all the congressmen, exactly where I see the woman sitting there encircled by — in Congress.
So I believe it’s a good thing. When Hillary Clinton spent her ads — you understand, she spent almost 100 percent associated with her ads on anti-Donald Trump ads. You know that. Every advertisement was an anti ad. Once the election came, nobody knew exactly what she stood for.
I heard this evening, and I saw tonight, and I look over tonight that they’re making a big error. And I a lot of the Democrats feel — they say, we’re putting all the money into this Russia things and it’s making Trump stronger. Since my people and the people that assistance me, who are incredible people, those individuals are angry because they feel it might be being unfair and a witch quest.
10: 15 P. Mirielle. EDT

Additional statements from the pool review

Upon Don Jr, POTUS was inquired if as a father he backed Don Jr. being willing to state.
“I think if he wants to, inch Trump said. He mentioned that will h had seen something regarding her being in congress recently speaking with members. “She had meetings along with various people. So it’s the same thing. inch
He or she said the press had been unjust and said of the meeting that will “they talked about the adoption things which was actually a big thing at that time but nothing happened. ” He addd, “In fact maybe it was pointed out at some point, ” but then when inquired if he had been told it turned out about Hillary Clinton and grime against her he said number
POTUS was asked about Kelly suggesting to CHC that DoJ has say on which happens to DACA.
“It’s a decision that I create and it’s a decision that’s very very difficult to make. I really understand the situation right now, ” POTUS said. “I be familiar with situation very well. What I’d like to perform is a comprehensive immigration plan. Yet our country and political allows are not ready yet. ”
He additional, “There are two sides of the story. It’s always tough. ”