Fired FBI official Andrew McCabe soliciting online donations for legal defense fund

Andrew McCabe – the top FBI official by terminated by Attorney General Jeff Classes hours before his planned pension – is now soliciting donations on the internet for his legal defense finance.

“ The support for Toby #McCabe has been overwhelming, humbling & deeply appreciated, ” Melissa Schwartz, a spokesperson for McCabe, messaged Thursday. “ Unfortunately, the need for the best defense fund is a growing fact. ”

Schwartz linked to a GoFundMe account subsidized by “ Friends of Toby McCabe” that displays a photo associated with McCabe and his family. It states it has a goal of $150, 1000.

The website on Thursday afternoon showed countless people donating between $5 plus $1, 000 each, totaling just around $27, 000.  

Sessions terminated McCabe earlier this month following the DOJ’ s inspector general motivated McCabe was not truthful during their review of the Clinton email analysis and the FBI’ s Office associated with Professional Responsibility recommended his shooting.

Yet McCabe has defended his activities, and the GoFundMe description says McCabe’ s FBI career was “ long, distinguished, and unblemished. ”

Toby McCabe – the top FBI recognized by fired by Attorney Common Jeff Sessions hours before their planned retirement – is now taking donations online for his lawful defense fund.   (GoFundMe screengrab)

“ Their reward for that has been a termination which was completely unjustified, amidst repeated advertisement hominem attacks by the President states, ” it reads.


It states a legal defense fund is needed as they will likely have to respond to congressional questions, as well as the Department of Justice’ h Inspector General Investigation and “ any potential lawsuits he might think about. ”

McCabe’ s legal team has been led by former Department associated with Justice Inspector General Michael L. Bromwich.

McCabe was fired just times before he would have been eligible for a long time pension, meaning those benefits can now be in jeopardy. But the GoFundMe web page said he is not using the cash to replace those benefits.

“ He will always fight for the pension and advantages he deserves, rather than accept any kind of crowdfunding for that purpose, ” this says.

Fox News’ Garrett Tenney contributed to this report.

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