First UK polar bear cub in 25 years emerges

Image copyright STV Productions/Channel 4

The first polar bear cub to become born in the UK for 25 years provides emerged at the Royal Zoological Modern society of Scotland’s Highland Wildlife Recreation area at Kincraig.

Formerly, the birth had only already been confirmed by high-pitched noises noticed from the maternity den.

The cub was born in the 7 days before Christmas, after its mom Victoria mated with Arktos, 1 of 2 male polar bears at the recreation area.

Victoria’s enclosure continues to be closed to the public.

It is expected to be reopened in order to park visitors later this 30 days.

The first image of the particular cub is from footage shot by STV Productions for a Station 4 documentary.

Picture copyright RZSS/HWP
Picture caption Polar bears Victoria, left, and Arktos

Una Richardson, mind keeper responsible for carnivores, said: “Victoria had started to come outside simply by herself for short periods to consume, drink and roll around within the snow, so we knew her cub would soon follow her yet we couldn’t be sure when.

“I was visiting Victoria on Sunday morning to check the lady had fresh water and to continue gradually reintroducing food to her diet, right after four months during which she resided solely off the fat reserves the lady built up before she entered the girl den.

“Suddenly I could see a small, fluffy bundle next to the girl and had to pinch myself to check on I wasn’t seeing things. It had been a very special experience and one I will never forget. We also have motion-sensitive digital cameras safely positioned near Victoria’s living area and we were delighted to see there were captured her cub’s first couple of steps outside.

“Having only been able to hear sounds in the den before, we can now be specific Victoria has had one cub instead of two and we couldn’t be more happy as this is the moment we have been working toward and really looking forward to.

“Both mum and cub appear to be succeeding, though this is still a delicate time and they need as much tranquility as possible. Our keeper activity with their enclosure will remain at a minimum for your next couple of weeks, after which visitors can see Victoria and our amazing new arrival.

“In the coming weeks we’ll become able to find out if we have a small boy or girl and then we’ll decide on the name. ”

Bear necessities: A short guide to polar cubs

  • Polar has mate between March and 06
  • Females normally give birth to 1 or two cubs in Nov or December
  • Newborn polar endure cubs are blind, about 30cm long and weigh little more than the usual guinea pig. They only open up their eyes when they are a 30 days old
  • Victoria, who was born within 1996 at Rostock Zoo within Germany, previously gave birth from Aalborg Zoo in Denmark within 2008. She arrived at RZSS’ Highland Wildlife Park in March 2015
  • Male bear Arktos arrived at the particular park in April 2012 through Hanover Zoo in Germany. He or she was born in 2008 at Vienna Zoo
  • Arktos shares an housing with another male, Walker, in whose own time as a cub was the way to obtain a controversy over the BBC’s Iced Planet documentary

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