Florida man arrested after police mistook Krispy Kreme glaze for meth receives $37,500

A guy who was arrested after police mistook the glaze on his Krispy Paste doughnut for crystal meth offers received a $37, 500 arrangement.

Daniel Rushing, 64, sued the town of Orlando after he has been arrested in December 2015 on medication charges. Law enforcement had spotted 4 small flakes of glaze in the floorboard and thought they were bits of crystal methamphetamine.

Rushing told the officials they were likely bits of the Krispy Kreme doughnut he’ d consumed earlier, but he was caught for possession of methamphetamine right after two roadside drug tests examined positive for an illegal substance.

“I couldn’ t believe it, ” Hurrying informed the Orlando Sentinel . “ I’ ve never even smoked cigarettes a cigarette before, let alone meth. ”

Weeks later, a state crime laboratory cleared Rushing of the drug accusations and charges against him had been dropped.


Rushing told the particular Orlando Sentinel that he has been looking to open up a security business, but can’ t because of his arrest report.

“ I haven’ t been able to operate, ” Rushing said. “ Individuals go online and see that you’ ve been arrested. ”

Rushing, a retiree from the Orlando Parks Departments, obtained a check for $37, 500 a week ago and told the Sentinel he’ s pleased with the outcome of their case.

Cpl. Shelby Riggs-Hopkins wrote in the Dec. 11 arrest report that will she noticed flakes on Rushing’ s floorboard. The police department during the time said the arrest was legitimate and didn’ t explain exactly why the glaze tested positive to get amphetamine in both field tests.

Riggs-Hopkins was handed a written reprimand for making a good improper arrest, and the Orlando Law enforcement Department ended up training more than 730 officers on how to properly use field-test kits.

The Associated Press added to this report.