Florida Shooting Survivor Suggests Calling AR-15 Rifles ‘Marco Rubios’

A survivor of the Feb. 14 school capturing in Parkland, Sarasota, just threw some brutal tone at Sen.   Marco Rubio   (R-Fla. ).

On Friday, Sarah Chadwick suggested that Rubio’ s symbiotic relationship with all the National Rifle Association deserved some sort of tribute.

In a twitter update referencing the AR-15 rifle, that the shooter allegedly used to kill seventeen people at her school a week ago, Chadwick proposed nicknaming the tool after the senator “ because they’ re very easy to buy . ”

For the report, Rubio has accepted $3. several million from the gun rights business so far in his political career.

Rubio didn’ t assist his cause throughout a CNN town hall meeting Wed night during an exchange with  Cameron Kasky, a high school jr who also survived the massacre.

When Kasky asked Rubio, “ Can you tell me right now you will not accept a single donation through the NRA? ” the senator mentioned he’ d continue to take the money because  “ individuals buy into my agenda ― and am do support the Second Amendment. ”

Kasky replied, “ Therefore , right now, in the name of 17 people, you are unable to ask the NRA to keep their particular money out of your campaign? ”

The senator’ s respond showed how committed he is towards the organization’ s lucre.  

“ There is money on both edges of every issue in America, ” Rubio replied, “ and where that will leaves us in policymaking would be to look at the issues and make a decision depending on what we think is right. ”

HuffPost reached out to Rubio for the comment on the proposed nickname, yet his office did not immediately react.

Rubio is getting lots of heat within the wake of the tragic school shooting   because of his inaction on gun control .

Last week, 3 red billboard-sized messages appeared in the streets of Arkansas to shame Rubio, using a method inspired by the Oscar-nominated film “ 3 Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. ”