Former CIA Chief: Trumps Madness Is A Danger To Our National Security

Former CIA Director John Brennan ripped President Donald Trump   more than his decision on Tuesday in order to pull the usa out of the Iran nuclear treaty .

Brennan wrote on Twitter:

Brennan, now an analyst for NBC News and MSNBC, made comparable comments on the air.  

“ This is not just foolish, this is harmful, ”   he said. “ And Mr. Trump has frequently misrepresented the facts of the nuclear cope with Iran. He’ s basically humiliated to the American people and humiliated to the world about what that offer entails. ”

Brennan was not by itself in criticizing the move.   The leaders of the United Kingdom, Italy and Germany issued a combined statement expressing “ regret and concern . ” In Iran, one lawmaker stated “ Trump don’t have the mental capacity to deal with problems , ” and members associated with parliament burned a paper edition of an American flag and a representational copy of the Iran deal.

Brennan has been a constant critic of the leader since leaving office on Trump’ s 2017 inauguration.   Within March, he slammed Trump designed for hailing the Justice Department’ s i9000 decision to fireplace former FBI Deputy Director Toby McCabe   just 2 days before retirement.  

“ You might scapegoat Andy McCabe, ” Brennan wrote at the time. “ But you will not destroy America… The united states will triumph over you . ”

Earlier this year, Brennan described himself since “ nonpartisan” and told NPR he had respect for both Democratic and Republican presidents he has offered.   Trump, however ,   had been different.  

I think he is dishonest. This individual lacks integrity. He has very sketchy ethics and morality . And views the world through a prism showing how it’ s going to help Jesse Trump, ” Brennan said.   “ And I just think that he have not fulfilled the responsibilities of the chief executive of the United States office. ”