George W. Bush Reportedly Sounds Off On Trump: ‘Sorta Makes Me Look Pretty Good’

Former President George W. Bush is reportedly pleased by one or more element of the Donald Trump   obama administration: It’ s making him appear better.  

While Bush doesn’ t often address Trump or even his policies directly, he has a zinger he likes to provide when the issue comes up. Tom DeFrank, a contributing editor for The National Diary, reported:  

“ Without chiming in with the particular Trump critics, Bush is often noticed to remark, unable to stifle their trademark smirk: ‘ Sorta makes me seem pretty good, doesn’ t it ? ’ ”  

The relationship between Trump as well as the Bush family hasn’ t already been a warm one. Former Sarasota Gov.   Jeb Bush was broadly considered the frontrunner for that 2016 GOP nomination until this individual was steamrolled by Trump, which famously dismissed him as “ low power . ”  

Neither Jeb nor George ― nor their own father, former President George H. W. Rose bush   ― attended the particular 2016 Republican National Convention , by which Trump was nominated.   None of the three Bushes  voted regarding Trump   either.  

This past weekend, Trump reportedly called George Watts. Bush’ s decision to seep into Iraq in 2003 “ the single most severe decision ever made . ”   However , last week he also endorsed George P. Bush ― one of Jeb’ s three children  ― for reelection as Tx land commissioner, calling him “ Trump’ h Man in Texas . ”

(h/t Raw Tale )