Girl, 2, defends her choice of doll to cashier

(CNN) When 2-year-old Sophia was told she can pick out a prize for completing her potty training, she knew precisely what she wanted.

She and her mom, Brandi Benner, visited a Focus on near their South Carolina home, exactly where Sophia spent 20 minutes taking a look at all the dolls in the toy section.
“She held going back to the doctor doll, mainly because in her mind, she is currently a doctor, ” Benner said. “She loves giving checkups, and if a person come in the house, she’ll tell you which is first thing you need. ”

Sophia, who will be several in July, was so thrilled by her choice that the lady wouldn’t let go of her new toy until they reached the sign-up to check out.
Do we mention that the doll can be black and Sophia is whitened?

The problem came up right away, when a shop cashier asked Sophia: Wouldn’t the lady rather have a doll that appeared as if her?
According to her mother, Sophia a new ready answer.
“She does (look like me)! ” the toddler responded. “She’s a doctor; I’m a doctor. She is quite a girl; I am a pretty girl. Discover her pretty hair? See the girl stethoscope? ”
Benner credits the TV cartoon “Doc McStuffins” with teaching Sophia the term “stethoscope. ” But she credit Sophia for knowing what is important: The particular doll’s skin tone didn’t matter. In order to Sophia, she and the doll reveal the same aspirations.
Benner was relieved the girl didn’t have to defend her little girl’s choice and glad that Sophia wasn’t fazed by the cashier’s query.
“If the lady was another child, that could possess discouraged her, ” Benner mentioned.

Computer chip and I told Sophia that right after 1 whole month of heading poop on the potty, she can pick out a special prize at Focus on. She, of course , picked a new toy. The obsession is real. Whilst we were checking out, the cashier questioned Sophia if she was going to the birthday party. We both gave her an empty stare. She then pointed towards the doll and asked Sophia in the event that she picked her out for a buddy. Sophia continued to stare blankly and I let the cashier know that the girl was a prize for Sophia becoming fully potty trained. The woman offered me a puzzled look and considered Sophia and asked, " Have you been sure this is the doll you want, darling? " Sophia finally found the girl voice and said, " Indeed, please! " The cashier responded, " But she doesn' big t look like you. We have lots of other plaything that look more like you. " I immediately became angry, when I could say anything, Sophia replied with, " Yes, she will. She' s a doctor like I' m a doctor. And I' meters a pretty girl and she' ersus a pretty girl. See her fairly hair? And see her stethoscope? " Thankfully the cashier decided to fall the issue and just answer, " Wow, that' s nice. " This particular experience just confirmed my perception that we aren' t born using the idea that color matters. Skin is available in different colors just like hair and eye and every shade is beautiful. #itswhatsontheinsidethatcounts #allskinisbeautiful #teachlove #teachdiversity #thenextgenerationiswatching

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Benner posted an account of their encounter Friday to her personal Facebook page . It’s been shared more than 140, 1000 times and attracted more than nineteen, 000 comments. Most of them have been encouraging messages from other mothers or individuals with similar experiences.
The few negative types don’t bother her.
“I just want to train my kids love, and that’s included in my very own actions, ” Benner said, detailing why she doesn’t engage with detrimental commenters.
Research suggests that kids aren’t born with biases about race plus gender.
But Sophia doesn’t know about all of that. She just knows that everywhere the girl goes, she wants her physician doll to come along.