Goose levels golfer, reasserting dominance over all humankind

(CNN) Geese are terrifying. Everyone knows this. Their own bites hurt like hell found no respect for children or maybe the elderly. In fact , they are the second-most frightening bird behind turkeys (large, tenacious) and ahead of crows (eidetic, vengeful).

The particular unlucky human sacrifice here is Isaac Couling, a member of the Concord Senior high school golf team. According to Blissfield Golfing Coach Steve Babbitt, Couling, sixteen, was competing in the Madison Competition at the World Creek Golf Course within Adrian, Michigan, when terror rained down.
“The group just finished teeing off on hole #7 plus were walking down the fairway, inch Babbitt told CNN in an e-mail. “They were aware of a goose nest on their left which they had been looking at but not bothering when through behind them and to the right came the particular guard goose (protecting the nest). ”

After that came a rather alarming escalation, an entire Shakespearean tragedy in three works. The Blissfield Athletics Twitter account explained that Couling has been caught off guard by the getting bird as he was keeping an eye on an additional, probably equally threatening, goose.

Since Couling attempted to flee the mayhem he tripped, allowing the goose a clear coup sobre grâ ce .
Said Blissfield Athletics on Twitter: “And you believed golf was boring? ”

Massive credit score should also be given to Devon Pitts of Blissfield, the photographer exactly who caught this inspiring moment associated with nature in action.
“You can say (she) was at the right place at the correct time, ” Babbitt said.
Fortunately, Couling is fine despite his close clean with winged evil. He shows CNN he was able to pick up the overall game where he left off, though just on the goose’s terms.
“My clubs dropped out and the goose guarded the golf clubs, so I had to finish along with my teammate’s clubs, ” he or she said. “The coaches had to day golf carts (to chase this away) while I finished the particular hole. ”