Grangela: Labour MP becomes gran at 37

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Labour MEGA-PIXEL Angela Rayner has become a grandmother when justin was 37.

The darkness education secretary announced the birthday of her first grandchild in an early-morning tweet in which she gave himself the new nickname, Grangela.

The Ashton-under-Lyne MP had the girl first son, Ryan, at the age of sixteen and said being a teenage mom “saved me”.

Microsoft Rayner, now the youngest grandma in the House of Commons, said the girl grandchild was born just before 06: 00.

The mother-of-three thanked “all the particular wonderful staff at NHS Tameside”, adding the hashtag #Grangela.

Earlier this year, Ms Rayner remembered her experience of being a teenage mom on a council estate, saying the particular birth of her son “actually kept me from where I could are because I had a little person to appear after”.

“I desired to prove that I could be a good mother and somebody was finally likely to love me as much as I earned to be loved, and that’s what maternity was for me. ”

In her maiden speech, right after becoming MP in 2015, the lady recalled being told when she had been 16 and pregnant that she’d never amount to anything. “If just they could see me now, inch she joked.

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Ms Rayner grew up on a Higher Manchester council estate with a sibling and sister, and a mother who seem to could not read or write.

In a profile on her formal website, she says: “For probably the most part, I was raised by the grandma who worked at 3 jobs to put food on the table plus didn’t stop until the day the lady died – three days just before her 65th birthday. ”

Mrs Rayner, who still left school without any qualifications has said that will becoming a mother made her decided on prove that she was not the particular “scumbag” that people thought.

Now a mother of 3 boys, Mrs Rayner is critical associated with politicians who think of teenage mothers as “just failures” with “nothing in their lives”. She has also strike back at attacks on her due to her northern accent.

Right after working as a council care employee and being elected as a Unison representative, Ms Rayner was chosen as the Labour candidate for Ashton-under-Lyne in 2015, increasing the party’s majority in the constituency

In her maiden speech within the Commons, the avid Star Battles fan said she would do things within her “own little northern way”.

She was hired shadow education secretary in 2016 – becoming the youngest-ever owner of that position – and based on the newest Statesman has been “increasingly spoken associated with as a future Labour leader” .

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