‘Harry Potter’ author J.K. Rowling compares royal wedding attendance to Trump’s inauguration crowd

Thousands of eager fans flocked to Windsor Castle this morning in order to witness the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. In fact , a lot of people lined the road to catch the glimpse of the newly married couple, that will famed British author, J. E. Rowling, decided it to compare the particular royal wedding attendance to that associated with America’s 2017 presidential inauguration.  

On Saturday morning, during the highly-anticipated wedding of the year, the “Harry Potter” author tweeted out an image of the Windsor wedding crowd plus placed it beside a photo from the crowd at Donald Trump’s inauguration in Washington, D. C.  

Rowling tweeted the image and wrote, “Love > Hate. ”

Following Rowling’s tweet, BBC 3 mimicked the novelist and messaged the same comparison photo of the regal wedding crowd and Trump’s inauguration and said, “Just saying: )”

Up to now, the famous author’s tweet provides gained more than 40, 000 wants and 8, 000 retweets as the BBC Three tweet has acquired more than 90, 000 likes plus 34, 000 retweets.  

Some Twitter customers agreed with Rowling’s tweet, apologizing to the British people for the United states President.  

Others defended Trump.

According to the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead, more than 100, 500 people visited Windsor for the regal wedding festivities.  

To get Trump’ s inauguration, the current chief executive reportedly had about 300, 500 to 600, 000 people participating in his swearing-in ceremony, according to Vox.

Even though Trump may have had more individuals at his inauguration than went to the royal wedding, it was Barack Obama who made history. Within 2008 for the former president’s very first term, Obama brought in a reported one 8 million people to the Mall.  

According to the Washington Post , Obama’s inaugural crowd may have been the biggest Mall gathering in history.  

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