Helen Mirren Took A Tequila Shot On The Oscars Red Carpet Like The Queen She Is

Helen Mirren is a boss.    

The iconic actress showed the entire world how it’ s done when the lady took a shot of tequila to the Oscars red carpet on Weekend night. Mirren reportedly threw back again the shot like it was drinking water and then did a red carpeting interview.  

We are simply not worthwhile.  

People on Twitter freaked out over the actress’ blasé method of tequila shots, tweeting their respect and love of Queen Mirren.  

“ Why do we want write-in categories for sexual alignment? ” one Twitter user inquired. “ Because ‘ 72-year-old Sue Mirren taking a tequila shot to the red carpet’ is never likely to be a check box option. ”

Another added that they might “ murder for Helen Mirren” because of course.  

Later in the night, Mirren one-upped herself when she posed with the totally free Jet Ski (original cost $17, 999) that sponsor Jimmy Kimmel offered to the winner who seem to kept their acceptance speech the particular shortest.  

As one person on Tweets put it : “ Keep the JetSki, give me Helen Mirren. ”