Here’s How World Leaders Reacted To Trump’s Transgender Military Ban

Leader Donald Trumps twitter posts on Wednesday preventing transgender people from serving within the U. S. military sent a surprise to Americas LGBTQ community.

Since Americans reacted with concern plus disappointment, leaders from countries all over the world used the moment to share a message that belongs to them to LGBTQ communities that fearlessly serve in their countrys armed forces.

Trump mentioned the military cannot be mired with the tremendous medical costs plus disruption that transgender in the army would entail. White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said specifics arent yet worked out, including when the ban will begin plus whether it will affect current active-duty transgender service members .

Trumps prohibit would remove the U. S. through the 19 nations that permit LGBTQ individuals to serve within the military , according to Newsweek. You will find 175 countries that bar LGBTQ people from serving.

Here are some of the worlds responses.

Canada offered a musical invite.

The state Twitter account for Canadas armed forces taken care of immediately the news by tweeting a photo associated with military band members performing in the parade, with rainbow flags attached with their instruments.

The account welcomed Canadians of all sexual orientations plus gender identities