High school students ban national anthem from pep rallies. What the heck?

The particular Star Spangled Banner will no longer end up being played at rallies at Ca High School in San Ramon right after student leaders determined the music is racially insensitive.

“ It was brought to our interest that the national anthem’ s 3rd verse is outdated and racially offensive, wrote the president from the school’ s Associated Study Entire body. “ We had nothing but good purposes by removing the song to ensure that we could be fully inclusive to the student body. ”

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The decision to eliminate the nationwide anthem from student rallies provides resulted in a significant amount of backlash through patriotic students and residents.

“ There’ s been a lot of push back at the removal of the anthem – and not simply from conservatives, ” senior Dennis Fiorentino said on the Todd Starnes Radio Show.

Fiorentinos, who was a guest Tuesday upon my nationally syndicated radio system, said he was shocked whenever he realized the national anthem had been banned.

“ It’ s critical that we honor and respect people who sacrificed their lives protecting the particular freedom that us Americans ignore every day, ” he said.

On a aspect note, kudos to the student media at California High School who initial reported this story and do so with a fair writing a fair plus balanced report. It’ s relaxing to see solid journalism from The particular Californian.

The particular student body president posted the letter on the high school’ s i9000 website defending the decision to prohibit the song by citing another verse that references “ the particular hireling and slave. ”

There is common debate among historians as to what Francis Scott Key was alluding in order to in the lyrics. Regardless, only the very first verse is traditionally sung with sporting events or public gatherings.

“ This particular verse translated, finds joy within the killing of African-Americans, ” the particular student government president alleged. “ To think that our nation’ s anthem once had the word slave plus ‘ land of the free’ within the same sentence leaves me left without words. ”

I have chosen not to identify the particular student government leader because the pupil is under age.

“ Moving forward, we have to take action and be inclusive to all, ” the student body president had written. “ This song was composed in 1814. That was written 204 years ago. Imagine all the traditions plus laws that have changed. ”

  “ As our culture shifts to one which is more diverse and accepting of all sorts of people, so must our customs, ” the student government chief wrote. “ And although all of us understand that this anthem represents satisfaction and patriotism in our country to numerous people, we believe that there are other methods this can be accomplished without an expense in order to inclusivity on our campus. ”

Okay – enough of this nonsense. Where would be the grownups in charge of this public college?

I actually reached out to the San Ramon Area School District for a comment – as did several San Francisco tv stations – but so far – they are not commenting.

However , a leadership agent (a grownup) told the student paper that the lady agreed the national anthem can be “ problematic” and should have been taken out.  

Well, that’ s just excellent. The teacher is actually encouraging teenagers to disrespect American values plus traditions. It’ s unacceptable plus inexcusable.

The Star Spangled Banner might have survived the bombs bursting within air, but it may not be able to endure the rampaging mob of politically correct inclusivists.

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