Hillary Clinton tries to explain her comments on Trump voters after backlash

Former Democratic usa president nominee Hillary Clinton attempted to describe her comments about American voters and the 2016 election in a extended Facebook post Saturday that stated she “meant no disrespect to the individual or group. ”

Throughout a recent trip to India, Clinton informed attendees at a conference in Mumbai that Americans did not “deserve” the Trump presidency, said she earned the states “that are positive, diverse, dynamic, moving forward, ” plus said that Trump’s campaign was “looking backwards. ”

Clinton summed up Trump’s message as “you know, a person didn’t like black people obtaining rights, you don’t like women, you understand, getting jobs. You don’t want, you understand, to see that Indian American doing well more than you are. ”

“I know how some of what I said upset individuals and can be misinterpreted, ” Clinton said in her Facebook posting. “I meant no disrespect to the individual or group. And I wish to look to the future as much as anybody. inch

However the former first lady criticized Trump for relying on “scare tactics plus false attacks [that masked] the fact that he is otherwise no buddy to most Americans. ”

Clinton also stood by feedback implying that white women that voted for Trump were susceptible to “a sort of ongoing pressure in order to vote the way that your husband, your own boss, your son, whoever, thinks you should. ”

“[T]here is anecdotal evidence and some research to claim that women are unfortunately more influenced by men than the other method around, ” Clinton insisted upon Facebook. “As much as I dislike the possibility, and hate saying this, it’ s not that insane when you think about our ongoing find it difficult to reach gender balance – also within the same household.

“I failed to realize how hard it would hit numerous who heard it, ” Clinton added.

Clinton’s original comments drew repercussion from Democrats, among them Senate Group Whip Dick Durbin of The state of illinois, who informed “Fox News Sunday” that the former secretary of california’s remarks were “not helpful. inch

“Thirty percent of the people who voted pertaining to Donald Trump had voted intended for President Obama, ” Durbin mentioned. “Why? The same people who looked regarding change with President Obama believed there wasn’ t enough so far as their personal lives were worried and they supported Donald Trump.

“That is really a reality that Democrats acknowledge. inch