Homeless patients were being discharged in hospital gowns. So this Miami nurse found them clothes

(CNN) Like a nurse for nearly 30 years at Knutson Health System in Miami, Oliver Castellanos has noticed that many of their patients are homeless.

“At instances, all they were discharged with was your paper gown they were provided whilst being treated, ” he mentioned.
Planning to help, Castellanos figured out that clothing and shoes would be most beneficial to men and women. So he started a collection in the hospital of clothing and sneakers from his home that he had been planning to give away.

“It began with a little pile, ” he said. “But it continued to grow bigger plus bigger. ”

News about their project spread, and Castellanos’ little clothing pile is now a full-scale closet in the Discharge Lounge Part of Jackson Memorial, overflowing with clothing, shoes or boots and accessories.
His donors include co-office workers at the hospital and Castellanos’ greatest supporters — his fellow churchgoers at City Church in close by Homestead.
“My mission resonates with other people, ” he said. “People lead because it means they have a turn in bettering the community. They feel like they may be doing something tangible to help other people. ”
Castellanos knew he was making a distinction when he gave a pair of sneakers to a man whose shoes have been misplaced.
“He got emotional, ” he or she recalled. “The man smiled plus explained that the shoes he has been receiving were far better than the types he had walked in with. ”
Castellanos does not have any plans to stop stocking the wardrobe and clothing other patients within need.
“We are all human beings, all littermates, ” he said. “We need to help each other out. ”