Honey Nut Cheerios Pulled Its Bee Mascot For An Alarming Reason

Bees are in trouble, and Honies Nut Cheerios wants to help.

The brand pulled its bee mascot Buzz from the front side of cereal boxes in the Oughout. S. this month to contact attention to the alarming decline in pollinator populations around the world .

Honey Nut Cheerios can also be giving out totally free wildflower seeds so food lovers can grow their own house for bees and their pollinating pals to thrive. It ran exactly the same campaign in Europe last year.

Without bees, the food world would be a very different place.

A third of food around the world would disappear without honeybees, based on the Environmental Protection Agency. Pollinated crops include fresh fruit, seeds, vegetables, oils, and nut products. But over the last decade or so, insect poison and parasites have killed away bee populations at rates as high as 30 percent each year . In January, a North American bumble bee was added to the particular U. S. endangered species checklist for the first time.

That will spells trouble for the makers associated with Honey Nut Cheerios: About 30 percent associated with General Mills products depend on pollination, according to a press release.

You can help bring back the particular bees by purchasing Cheerioss free of charge wildflower seeds and growing a garden home for bees, butterflies and wasps . You can also avoid using insect poison and leave areas of land bare for nasties to thrive.

Meanwhile, Honey Nut Cheerios is going to be transforming 3, three hundred acres of its oat crops into bee-friendly flower areas by 2020.

Now THAT is something to hype about.