How to stay youthful at 100 years old

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Image caption “I can’t stand old people. I am just not on their wavelength, ” states Sadie

A 100-year-old woman in whose photo went viral says the particular worldwide attention she has received is much like “a dream”.

Sadie Cox – who is proven to her friends as Sim : celebrated her centenary at home within Brentwood, Essex, last week.

When postwoman Colette O’Connell shipped a telegram from the Queen the girl could not believe how young Sadie looked and took a photo associated with her.

Mrs O’Connell’s son, Adam, posted the particular picture on Twitter.

The image has been liked and retweeted thousands of times, with people around the world wondering how she looks so good.

But there are no miracle lotions or potions behind Sadie’s youthful looks. She says it really is down to the different outlook she has upon life compared to most women her age group.

“I can’t stand previous people. I’m not on their wavelength. They only talk about hospitals as well as the various appointments they’ve got. I may want to know if you’re getting your piles performed tomorrow.

“Younger individuals always have something interesting to talk about, they will talk about real life and what’s going on today instead of reminiscing about how things was once.

“Talk regarding what’s going on today because that’s the just thing we’ve got. What’s been continues to be. ”

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Longevity runs in the loved ones. Sadie’s two sisters, Anita plus Sylvia, are 97 and 94 respectively.

“I’ve obtained a lovely family – I’ve obtained two granddaughters, two great grandsons and a great granddaughter – and all have a laugh together. Humour is very important to me. ”

Sadie used to work at a females outfitters which used to hold normal fashion shows in Romford.

“I don’t outfit like an old girl. I use trousers and nice tops and am wear what’s in fashion, up to a stage.

“I’ve just a new haircut so I now look ninety-nine-and-a-half. ”

There is no rigorous diet or exercise regime for Sadie either.

“I’m not necessarily one for sports, although I did so play netball at school.

“I’ve got a cart I go around the house with. Really like a tray on wheels and I get it to the kitchen to make a cup associated with tea and a nice ham plus cheese sandwich. ”

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