In 47 of 50 cities, ObamaCare coverage will be ‘unaffordable’ in 2018 by law’s definition

In forty seven of 50 cities in 2018, the cost of Obamacare’s lowest-priced plan will be deemed “unaffordable” by the Affordable Treatment Act’s own definition, according to a  study   from eHealth, Inc.

Beneath the Affordable Care Act, health insurance gets to be unaffordable when the lowest-cost plan expenses more than 8. 16 percent of the household’s gross income. Usually people who along with this category can get an permission from paying Obamacare’s individual requirement.

“Government subsidies are available to people earning as much as 400 percent of the federal low income level, but middle-income households gaining 401 percent or more of the government poverty level are not eligible for subsidy assistance, ” eHealth explains.

The study examined families with two adults and another child in 50  cities who had been paying the lowest-price plan within 2017. The study then applied a ten percent increase to premiums in order to project the rates seen in 2018 and found that in forty seven of those cities, coverage would be too expensive. The increase that the study forecasted was moderate, since many have approximated that premiums could increase up to 20 percent next year.

In addition , these households would need to incur an extra $28, 939 before the plan became affordable. Typically, a family of three would have to receive a six-figure salary— or $110, 823. 32— for coverage to become affordable.

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