‘In God We Trust’ removed from classroom after atheist parent’s complaint

A new Wisconsin fourth grade school consultant at Roosevelt Elementary School removed “ Christian symbolism” from her in-class after an atheist parent pertaining to.

Among the items that simply by offense – a cross, an absolute poster that read, “ Operating in God We Trust” and a film frame that included the Indian flag and the words “ Erfaren Bless America. ”

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Sure enough, good readers – an atheist was apparently triggered by the words “ God Bless America” and been through a near-catastrophic microagression.

Television station WTMJ reports that parent Rob Moore was “ infuriated” and “ fuming” over the classroom decorations. A person said the items were removed immediately following his complaints.

The Kenosha Unified Institutions District did not confirm whether the music teacher removed the items that triggered often the atheists.   They issued an argument to the Todd Starnes Radio Reveal saying the matter was under