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A 10-year-old girl who is pregnant and has already been refused an abortion is at the particular centre of a media storm within India. The BBC’s Geeta Pandey travelled to the northern city of Chandigarh to piece together her story.

“We have seen lots of situations of teenage pregnancies involving fourteen to 15-year-olds, but this is the very first case that I have seen of a 10-year-old, ” said Mahavir Singh, from the Chandigarh State Legal Services Power.

Mr Singh continues to be involved in a case which has shocked Chandigarh and the rest of India, that of the 10-year-old girl who became expectant after allegedly being repeatedly raped by a relative.

That relative is now in prison, pending trial.

The woman in question has been described as a delighted child who smiles easily. She is shy and not very talkative. The english language and mathematics are the favourite topics of this class six student. The lady loves to draw and is pretty good on it. She can’t get sufficient of her favourite cartoon displays Chhoti Anandi (Little Anandi) and Shin Chan . She enjoys chicken and fish – and ice-cream.

But on 28 This summer, India’s Supreme Court rejected a request – filed on her behalf behalf – to allow her in order to abort, on the grounds that in 32 weeks, she is too far in to her pregnancy. A doctors’ screen had advised the court that the termination at this stage would be “too risky” for the girl, and that the foetus was “doing well”.

The court order was obviously a huge disappointment for the girl’s family members.

‘She does not have any idea what happened’

Indian law does not allow terminations after 20 weeks unless physicians certify that the mother’s life is at risk.

But in modern times, the courts have received several petitions, many from child rape survivors, seeking to terminate pregnancies after twenty weeks. In most cases, these pregnancies are usually discovered late because the children are unaware of their condition.

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Image caption Within India, a child under 16 is definitely raped every 155 minutes, children under 10 every 13 hrs

When it comes to this 10-year-old too, the being pregnant was discovered only three days ago when she complained associated with pain in her lower abdominal and her mother took the girl to a doctor.

Someone who interacts with the girl regularly says: “She’s very innocent and it has no idea what’s happened to her. inch

Her parents furthermore missed the telltale signs, possibly because she’s “a healthy, puffy child”. Besides, they couldn’t envision even in their wildest nightmares that will their daughter could be pregnant with 10.

The child offers still not been told regarding her pregnancy and, for those coping with her, talking to her is like traction on eggshells. She has been informed that she has a big stone within her stomach and the bulge is due to that.

She is been put on a special diet associated with eggs, milk, fruit, fish plus chicken and she seems to be enjoying the additional attention.

However in recent days, police, social employees and counsellors have been in and away from her house, and a media festival has grown up outside her home.

“She might not understand the precise problem, the gravity of the circumstance, but I think she has some concept now, ” a senior standard told the BBC.

Her parents are struggling to deal with the problem. The family is poor and hails from a cramped one-room flat. The girl father is a government employee as well as the mother works as a domestic helper.

Policewoman Pratibha Kumari, who has investigated the case, describes all of them as a “very nice family, that are so simple that they didn’t actually realise what this man has been doing to their daughter”.

The parents, she says, are usually understandably distraught. “Her mother never talked to me without crying. The daddy says he feels like his child has been murdered. ”

The particular scale of abuse in Indian

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  • A child below 16 is raped every 155 minutes, a child under 10 each 13 hours
  • More than 10, 500 children were raped in 2015
  • 240 million women living in Indian were married before they switched 18
  • 53. 22% of youngsters who participated in a government study reported some form of sexual misuse
  • 50% of abusers are proven to the child or are “persons within trust and care-givers”

Sources: Indian government, Unicef

Exactly what has made their situation worse is the fact that, ever since the news of the rape plus pregnancy hit the headlines, they are hounded by journalists.

“When the girl’s father reached see me, he told me their biggest problem was the press. This individual said there were reporters outside their home all the time and his privacy had been infringed upon, ” Neil Roberts, chair of the Child Welfare Panel, told the BBC.

The media attention has intended the girl is likely to get the best health care and is entitled to claim financial payment from the government.

But the unwanted publicity is evoking the family immense grief. Many of the reporters went to their house when the father had been at work and gained entry declaring to be child workers.

Since the alleged rapist was your mother’s cousin, some even questioned when she was aware of the mistreatment and, maybe, even approved from it. “How come she didn’t understand that her daughter was pregnant meant for seven months? ” they inquired.

This has already been very troubling for the family, as well as the girl’s father is angry plus bitter.

“I want him to be severely reprimanded. He should get the death charges or be locked away throughout his life in prison. They have admitted to the crime. But they have never said sorry to all of us, ” he tells me in a short phone conversation.

Before hanging up on me, he or she asks: “Why are you advertising our daughter’s case? The press have got turned this into a business enterprise. inch

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Picture caption Campaigners say fifty percent of abusers are known to the kid or are “persons in rely on and care-givers”

His anger is validated – even though there are laws that will expressly forbid journalists from exposing identities of rape survivors plus child victims of crimes, lots of people have been able to join the dots and identify the family because the supposed rapist’s name was extensively documented in the Indian press. Now their own neighbours and his work colleagues understand. Possibly the child’s school friends understand too.

A nearby journalist, who met the family within the early days, says the parents are worried unwell about the girl’s future and the stigma she will face when she gets older. The father has also spoken of their worries over her health.

Medical tests so far show that will her health is “good” although she suffers from “mild anaemia”.

But there are other issues. The girl was born with a hole within her heart, which was plugged in 2013. Although doctors say it’s improbable to interfere with her pregnancy, the very fact remains that she is way too younger to give birth.

Every year, 45, 000 adult ladies pass away during childbirth in India . The risk of pregnant girls under the regarding 15 years dying is two-and-a-half times higher than that for women over 20. Doctors say the risk is definitely even higher for someone who is just 10.

It’s a issue the Supreme Court took aboard, but the judges still ruled how the pregnancy could continue.

So what will happen next?

Those in the know say the newborn is due by the middle of Sept and the doctors have decided that it would have been a Caesarean delivery. In case of any problems, the birth could be earlier.

Since the girl’s family possess said they want nothing to do with the newborn, the newborn will be looked after with the child welfare committee until it really is put up for adoption.

Medical experts say the 10-year-old is likely to suffer from mental trauma and will require years of counselling from a child psychiatrist.

“We’ve obtained our fingers crossed for her, inch said a child rights worker. “Can a 10-year-old deliver a child? Can it be life threatening for her? We are praying that nothing bad happens to the girl. ”

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